Twitter Has Failed at Music: Wolf

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March 27 (Bloomberg) -- Active Founder and Managing Director Michael Wolf discusses his outlook for Twitter and King Digital Entertainment on Bloomberg Television's “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Of "bloomberg west." michael wolf with us, former yahoo!

Board member.

Let's start with twitter.

They need content.

They don't have content.

They are trying to create advertising in the stream and there is a limit to how much of that can be created.

They really failed at music.

And by the way, their user base -- the growth of the user base is slowing down.

Now they have got to find a way to bring your interest back to twitter.

Is their demand for music on twitter or is this something where they hope people -- they were created and people will just come?

We have spotify, pandora, itunes radio.

Who wins?

It is a tossup between pandora and spotify.

I don't think iradio is yet of equality -- i use iradio a lot.

It is nowhere near the quality of spotify.

Bit of a shameless plug.

That was a shameless plug third let's have a conversation on king digital.

Adam, have you ever seen an ipo tank like that?


down 16% of their one -- day one?



Think about it, this thing got priced, michael wolf, at 9.2 times earnings and it trades down 15%. i think it is all about the doubts.

It is one game, candy crush.

Are they a one-hit wonder?

It follows with the problems with other companies -- michael wolf, what would you advise them if you were a board member of king digital?

I would show the pipeline of new games, i would show how much they can continue the momentum of candy crush.

This brings us to our morning must read.

A columnist at bloomberg you

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