Twitter Goes Their Own Way on Path to IPO: Hayzlett

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Sept. 16 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Contributing Editor Jeffrey Hayzlett looks at Twitter's path to an IPO and the leadership of CEO Dick Costolo. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop."

Employees in your own power?

We had the former chief marketing officer from kodak with a few strategies.

Your good friends with a costilla.

Yes, we spoke last night.

We pleaded and e-mailed back and forth about some things -- we tweeted back and forth.

He cannot talk about the ipo, which is what he should be saying.

They have been playing their own game since day one.

Dick stepped in as chief operating officer and worked his way up to ceo.

The way they go about it is kind of a cool thing.

Abuse of the first tweet he ever did, as his first day as twitter chief operating officer.

Tomorrow, undermine ceo, consolidate power.

Which is sort of a joke, but he actually did it.

He did it, and he is a former standup comedian.

I think the key for the company's overall is that geek chic is not what it used to be.

It has to be a real company.

My biggest question when it comes to a company like twitter going public is how do you keep innovating when his job is going to become a revenue producer in chief?

He has done a fairly decent of producing revenue.

They will have a little bit more scrutiny going public, but they have been doing it.

When you look at the numbers, you go, wow, this is pretty good.

They want to be a platform company and a company that can get news out, and they have been doing a good job.

It is much easier to deal with them as a marketer than it is with facebook or linkedin which monitors every ad . i placed ads on the platform and by the time i want the ad to go, it is already too late because they have not even approved it yet.

Twitter has actually pulled in more the major advertisers than facebook and some of the others.

I'm glad you brought up facebook.


costolo is not doing like mark zuckerberg and taking the company public.

The arrogance of facebook in terms of the way in which they willy nilly change thing versus the open transparency that dick and his team seem to have, and that is what twitter has been about since the beginning.

What about the jobs acting confidentiality?

I think it was great.

It could be being arrogant, but i think that is the way they do things.

They are going to do it on our system, our weight.

And dick costolo recently gave a speech at the event on how to manage.

He said do not worry about your team liking you.

Greg and he does that all the time.

He says i will not worry about the ipo when asked about it.

They have been marching to their own band.

That continues.

I think investors like that.

They see a plan, they know where they are going, and they have not deviating much from it.

I will see how he does under public scrutiny with the analysts and investors.

It will be a whole new ballgame.

Great to have you here.

Bloomberg contributing editor and friend to dick costolo.

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