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Sept. 12 (Bloomberg) –- “Bloomberg West” Host Emily Chang reports on Twitter confidentially submitting an S-1 to the SEC for a planned IPO. She speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Taking Stock.” (Source: Bloomberg)

It certainly happens sooner than we expected.

We have been talking about this for months, if not years.

They could file some time before the end of year or early next year but it has in fact happened now.

Seasonally, this is a good time to file because it is a few months ahead of the holiday season but a huge move for twitter.

They filed this confidentially with the sec.

This is the product of the jobs and the reforms that they made to make it easy for companies to file for the ipl's. -- for the ipo.

We don't know a lot about twitter's finances right now.

We don't know how much money they make.

We know they have been beefing up their products seemingly every week.

They are adding new features for advertising.

They made a big acquisition buying a company.

They're looking to make twitter and the advertising products more attractive to brands and advertisers out there.

A huge move today from twitter.

We saw mark zuckerberg on stage at techcrunch.

The founder said, do you have any advice for a company that would like to have a smooth ipo.

Zuckerberg said, i think i'm the last person you want to ask.

Even though he was too afraid, the process of going public actually made facebook a better company.

The company runs better because they got everything ready, picture-perfect before they showed it off to the public.

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