Twitter Effectively Monetizing Base Ahead of IPO

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Oct. 15 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Ari Levy discusses the Twitter IPO and revenue per timeline view. He speaks with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Learned is revenue per timeline.

Twitter looks at the number of times people viewed the timeline and how much revenue they make.

The college revenue per timeline view.

That is up 49% from one year earlier.

That is a pretty big jump from quarter to torture.

It shows they are effectively monetizing their base without pushing users away.

That is always the concern.

How many advertisers can you put into someone's timeline before they say, enough, i am going somewhere else.

Monthly active users went up which also sound significant.


That they are still attracting more people.

If you like everyone on the planet uses twitter yet they still get more users.

Twitter spends a lot on r&d which includes salary.

Basically 50% of their revenue goes to r&d expenses.

It is interesting how the talk about this.

Correct that has gone up 170%. that is correct.

It is clear they see the competitive riskier not just to other services that could duplicate what twitter is doing but the talent.

They need to get the best engineers both for developing a service and the infrastructure.

Twitter lives and dies on whether it is up and running.

That is a lot more than facebook and google.

Facebook is about 18%. google is in the neighborhood of 14%. of the revenue.

And they are competing for the same engineers.

This is twitter saying, we are going to deal with significant losses in order to make this a service along term.

Twitter has gotten a lot of former googlers.

Tell me more about this institution that owns 17.9% of twitter.

A name that to all of a sudden be on everyone's radar.

This is a private equity firm in new york.

The most significant name attached to it is an early investor in twitter.

We know he has been buying secondary shares along the way, including working with jpmorgan which is the second-biggest shareholder.

Rizbi traverse is working.

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