Twitter Challenges Ban by Turkish Government

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March 27 (Bloomberg) - Bloomberg’s Elliott Gotkine reports on Twitter’s challenge to the ban of the social network by the Turkish government on Bloomberg Television’s “Countdown.”

Just days before local elections.

Talk us through it.

It is and is not.

On the one hand, yes, it will add further ammunition to those who said from the start that said the turkish government was misguided.

On the other, practically speaking, nothing actually changes.

The government is saying it has got 30 days to implement this court order.

So accessing twitter by conventional means, and we talked about the ways around the government ban, is still no longer possible.

There are going to be more lawsuits coming.

Twitter on a blog post came out and said that today we filed petitions for lawsuits.

We have been working on together with our independent turkish attorney over the last few days in various turkish courts to challenge the access ban.

Addindg that we expect the government to restore access to twitter immediately so its citizens can continue an open dialogue ahead of the elections to be held at the end of this week.

But it may take a little bit longer than that for twitter to have open access once more in turkey.

Just remind us, how significant are these elections that are coming?

The prime minister is not literally on the ballot, but he is certainly very visible.

He has been campaigning alongside the ruling party's candidate for the mayor of istanbul.

Many people see this as a plebiscite on erdogan's rule.

If he does well, it will be used for the residential elections held in august.

If he does not, it could torpedo those very same ambitions.

Certainly opinion polls seem to suggest his party will do reasonably well.

We will have to wait and see.

I will be there myself on sunday keeping and i on the selections for your.

Thank you very much.

Now, engineers in this building worked around-the-clock the clock to help find the missing malaysia airplane.

After the break, guy johnson takes us inside it to explain how they did it.


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