Twitter Celebrates Its Eighth Birthday

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March 21 (Bloomberg) -- Trish Regan and Betty Liu reports on Twitter’s eighth birthday on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)


Trish, i want to bring you in.

I know you have a huge following.

You are an avid tweeter.

My first tweet was very boring -- i could not catch what it was.

There it is.

It is an old picture.

It says watch "in the loop." yours is more interesting.

It is good.

Initially, a lot of us did not know what to do with it.

The team here went back and found my original tweet.

There you go.

I resisted this.

I really resisted it.

I finally succumbed to the twitter craze and thought i'd give it a shot -- i really learned to appreciate it.

It is a tremendous newsfeed.

Unfortunately -- i get some very unfortunate news in the world.

The night that whitney houston passed away, i had come home.

It was saturday night.

I looked at my twitter feed and that news was all over it.

You tend to get a lot of information.

You do.

As i just mentioned in the prior story, turkey were of twitter and help harmful it is to feed that information to the public.

I want to mention other first tweets from celebrities that we follow.

We mentioned warren buffett.

He was way later than us.

About a year ago.

He is a lot older than us too.

She wrote "just got into berlin." such a follower -- she has millions of followers.

Justin bieber, also popular.

Mohamed el-erian just joined twitter last week.

He says my first tweet, the patient with me.

Please excuse typos, thanks.

He has the language down, though.

He just popped up this morning.

As suggested follows.

I just followed him five minutes ago.

It is funny that i am not following him, but it is because he just got on their.

Everybody is just catching up.

Trish, i am headed off to asia.

I'm going to leave "in the loop" in your hands.

Thank you for joining me.

Have a wonderful flight and a good week over there.

We look forward to seeing your reporting forms singapore.

It has been a pleasure this week.

Thank you.

One stock we are keeping an eye on is tiffany.

Fourth-quarter profit trailed

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