Twitter Can’t Go Public as a Boys Club: Wadhwa

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Oct. 7 (Bloomberg) -- Vivek Wadhwa, fellow at Stanford Law School, responds to Twitter CEO Dick Costolo criticizing his comments that took the company to task for having no female board members. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.”

What you see?

I see the same problem you have in silicon valley, a small elite group of people, who i call "the mafia," who are stuck in the echo chamber.

They talk like each other, think like each other, and they basically are dominating the twitter board and that is fine as long as it is a private company.

When you become a public company you start asking things of the public, they try to raise $1 billion and they're going to settle billions of dollars in the stock, you become accountable to the public.

You cannot have your own echo chamber running the company, you have to be inclusive.

You have to do it because it is good for you.

I'm not saying burying -- saying bring in women or minorities because of a quota.

I'm saying it becomes a company more competitive and thoughtful.

Doing a disservice -- they are doing a disservice to themselves and the public by being so arrogant.

Costa low -- costolo's comments say -- what is your take?

The reason they have not been able to find a woman is because they are looking for a woman that is just like them.

Maybe it is a professor.

They're looking for somebody malleable that will go along with what they want.

They want a woman who can stand up to them, who can tell them they are screwed up.

If a woman was on the board, they would not have gone on -- they wouldn't have gone public so senselessly.

This is the senseless behavior you see in technology companies all too often.

That is what we are talking about right now.

I was really shocked that rather than addressing this issue, i wasn't the only voice in it.

He calls me carrot top.

I don't think i am a carrot top.

You are thinking more of a pauly shore or bob saget?

Or a ball he would star.

There are a number of really good looking guys in bali would.

I don't think it was meant as a compliment.

Here i am as a straight white guy, but why not.

I would suggest a company like twitter very much need someone that understands advertising in silicon valley.

Is it hard to find the right person?

Twitter is not a technology company, it is a media company.

They can probably find more women who are suitable to their needs in new york and madison avenue.

There are thousands of great women out there.

They can look at different parts of corporate america and find great business executives.

Look at this fiasco.

If there was a woman on the board, she would have told them to be sensitive to how this looks to the public.

Instead they were arrogant.

Rather than addressing the issue they started attacking.

This is the problem, they do not have the diversity or the balance.

You cannot be a boys club when you are a public company.

You can get away with it for being a -- you cannot knew it as a public company.

The rules are completely different.

Other companies that have diverse corporate boards that are not diverse companies or companies that allow minorities to rise to the top?

Take facebook as an example.

I have been critical in many ways.

In this respect they do the right thing.

They have two women on the board right now.

They have a second board member.

Even if they started likes -- with something like that they would not be criticized.

There are many companies that are inclusive.

A woman chief marketing officer, a woman controller, and they are doing very well.

Ibm has a woman ceo.

To this argument that you cannot be an engineering or technology company and not be mailed talk -- and not be male dominated is false.

There are great women out there.

Give them a chance.

To have had falling sales in two of the last three years.

More to the point, facebook is an example.

We have a woman playing devils advocate here.

Sheryl sandberg is powerful and smart as any woman in all of technology, maybe all of business.

I wonder if the lack of diversity in the board necessarily reflects lack of diversity in the company or more importantly the company's thinking.

That is true.

If you look at the company, you will find it is dominated by males.

All of the mansion it -- all of the managers in engineering are males.

There is a problem across the board with male domination.

This is why women do not enter computer science.

The number start to drop off because they say it is a male dominated industry.

We have a systematic problem over here.

It is not a matter of quotas or leveling the playing field for the sake of leveling the playing field.

The reason is because companies are losing out on innovation.

The economy is losing out.

A fellow at the stanford law school, we appreciate your time.

Thank you very much.

Still ahead, how are

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