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Aug. 2 (Bloomberg) -- Part-Time Partner at Y Combinator and Twitch CEO and Founder Emmett Shear discusses how live video is changing gaming with Cory Johnson on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

I was there in the audience.

There was this twitch interaction.

People went bonkers.

This is a very popular feature.

We have the working on the deal with xbox.

Took almost a deal -- a year to get this out there.

We couldn't be more happier with the reaction from gamers.

Let's talk about what this is.

Twitch is a phenomenon of people doing what?

We have about 38 million unique viewers.

How many?

38 million.

To watch other gamers?

That is right.

The watch them play everything from star craft to strategy games and hard-core games.

They are watching call of duty.

They are watching rpg's , which are role-playing games.

They are watching everything.

The games look cool.

What is it that viewers are getting out of this experience?

Are they learning tricks?

It is actually a similar entertainment project.

One reason you watch is the same reason why you watch the super bowl.

You're not playing, but you're watching other people engaged in a highly competitive sport.

You are watching the best in the sport.

The second reason to watch is to learn and interact and become part of some in else's gaming experience.

That is why people really enjoy it.

38 million is amazing.

I feel like there's something about gaming that is so prevalent in our society, but not knowing.

That is unique audience.

It is bigger than a lot of cable networks.

When you look at the history of gaming, it started as a niche thing, but it has been growing more mainstream.

50 million households in the u.s. alone with consoles.

That represents basically half or more of the united states.

They are kind of everywhere.

It is not quite 100% of society, but more and more come everyone is a gamer.

How you guys get paid?

There are two basic models that are similar to cable tv.

You have got advertising.

That is important.

We launched our own sales team.

It has been extremely successful.

He also have a subscription model, which we found to be extremely successful.

People can subscribe directly to streamers they love and want to interact with more.

Premium content.


Will kind of partnerships are important?

I imagine that is a tricky thing in this business.


We are a partnership driven company.

Partnerships on the advertising side.

Also on the best possible ads and on the content side.

We have companies like blizzard and large and small across the gaming industry.

We will keep an eye on this.

Thank you.

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