Twingo 3 Signals Renault is Back: Stoll

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March 4 (Bloomberg) -- Jerome Stoll, Chief Performance Officer at Renault, discusses the recovery in the auto market and the company’s introduction of the Twingo 3. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “The Pulse.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Have updated and modernized it.

It has delivered for you in the past.

It is iconic for us and we launched the first in 1992 and we created a new model for the public and customers.

Now, we are launching the same innovation you would see.

It is out certain debt outstanding -- outstanding.

It is new for us and with this car, once again, we are back.

Bmw has their new car and everybody seems to be doing it at the moment.

The european car market is difficult.

2014 is a turnaround year.

We are expecting forward -- for 2014 to be a last year of the crisis.

That is what we are experiencing because france is not at the end , under our expectations.

We expect the market to be higher, frankly and i consider 2014 forecast for the market to be a growth of one percent-two percent.

Is self-sustaining?

You have subsidy packages they keep the market along at this point.

Frankly, the subsidies are there to overcome the situation that was what difficult and we still have some subsidies in spain and we are benefiting because our products are the ones that the spanish customers like airy much and so far, this is a big them from it from last year and we do not need any more subsidies.

I expect the market to be sustainable.

You guys have ventures in the country that are well noted and you must the watching this as anybody else.

Are you able to manage the situation?

Are you reacting to what is going on?

You cannot manage and everything related to the political aspect is not manageable for us.

We are looking carefully at the evolution from the end.

It is too early to conclude the drop of the sustainable.

What that means is that it is too early and we have an interest on these markets on our own and we also have the major region car manufacturer that we are looking at carefully.

It is very much important.

We are wrapping it up there and that is the chief performance officer at right now.

That wraps things up.

Let's get more details right now.

Jon ferro is standing by.

I can see you getting around london.

Mario draghi said this is important first rice -- for price stability.

If this pushes tire and the ecb

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