Where Does Twilio Fit Into the Internet of Things?

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Aug. 27 (Bloomberg) –- Twilio CEO Jeff Lawson discusses Samsung’s purchase of SmartThings and the tech behind the internet of things. He speaks on “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

To the internet of things?

Did i get it right in my description?

Sort of.

It's the leading cloud-based communications platform for developers.

We are migrating 150 years of telecommunications to its future which is running in the cloud.

We have over 400,000 developers using everything from uber, airbnb, to fortune 500 enterprises like home depot, walmart, coca-cola.

Smart things was recently acquired by samsung.

They were a customer of yours.

How was your technology involved ? if you think about the internet of things, what this whole movement is about is putting sensors out into the world and allowing us to be more competition in the physical world that we can sense.

Sometimes you want to alert a human being.

Then there is a notification going from the cloud out to a human being because the internet of things is telling them to do something and that is where twilio comes in the play.

This is via things like voice, sms, and other communications.

One other companies are using your technology for all of this home connectivity?

-- what other companies are using it?

It's a great company doing amazing things.

We also think about smart cities . we have a customer called pay by phone.

They enable every parking meter in dozens of cities across north america and europe to text to let you know that your parking is expired and you can rest bond to extend.

Smart cities, smart cars.

Twilio has leading automotive customers enabling communication to a car on the road.

Even bears.

[laughter] thank you so much, jeff.

That's it for today's edition of "street smart." tomorrow thomas thomas rogers,

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