Tweets About TV Shows `Exploding': Nielsen's Hasker

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Oct. 7 (Bloomberg) -- Nielsen's Steve Hasker discusses the company's plans to track Twitter TV ratings. He speaks with on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Specific economics with our arrangement with the twitter other to say twitter's ad sales is around and jumped to tv.

All of the advertisers you think about tv programs within tv wanted to have a twitter at it jumped.

That is the proposition twitter is putting into the marketplace.

It is highly beneficial for them to have an independent third- party metric which quantifies the activity around twitter and programs.

It is beneficial for us to have an exclusive deal and access to twitter data.

There are business reasons that you -- about every product you roll out that you will get paid more?

What we are trying to do is make sure we are ahead of the major trends.

Await consumers use media.

One trend is consuming content, video content on all kind of different tablets -- screens.

The second trend that really exploded last year has been the number of people tweeting about tv programs and the number of people who see the tweets and consume and engage around that activity.

For us, it is about making sure we are ahead of the trend.

On that note i'm a it sounds like you fill it will give you a competitive edge over somebody like comscore?

The metric we put out is something that no other player offers.

Not only are we measuring the number of people tweeting about tv programs in real time and record that aggregate on a 24- hour basis, we measure the reach of the tweaks.

The number of people who see those tweets and re-and engage around them.

That is something nobody else is doing.

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