Tweeting the World Cup: Here's How to Do It Right

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June 27 (Bloomberg) -- Spredfast's Jesse Redniss and Horizon Media's Brad Adgate discuss social media's role in the World Cup with Trish Regan on "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

Does cinnamon toast crunch see more sales?

I think it is part of the holistic strategies happening now in the marketing world.

As you become part of the cultural zeitgeist and put these pieces together, it really does have an overall effect.

Am i more likely to follow snickers because they wrote something clever?

It doesn't cost them anything.

Not even world cup sponsors.

Whatever they get, they're getting a return on investment.

Nobody got hurt, thankfully.

If you can get your name out in a crowded field -- this is a new opportunity, right, for brands.

A very new opportunity.

We saw the first takeoff, oreo started tweeting out after the blackout during the super bowl.

You can dunk in the power-out no problem.

Did this help oreo?

It did.

It kind of set the bar.

It was one of those opportunities where the social media director and the client are in the same room and they said, let's put this out and it was done in real-time.

You start to see now the importance of what real-time is to advertising.

That is the kind of thing that snickers sees a retweet.

That person says, snickers, maybe i feel like a snickers.

If you have the ability to go viral and it doesn't cost anything, that is great.

It gets you seen across a worldwide platform.

You don't necessarily have to be a sponsor, as you mention.

When you have smart marketers who are leveraging conversation, it really is all about moments in creating new dialogue, and joining in with the audiences.

So would he say twitter has been one of the real winners here in the world cup?

Twitter has been a winner.

2.4 million retweets -- all these numbers are up.

The world cup is up 40% on espn.

There has been a plethora of these live events.

They use the word eventize, which they normally use with television.

Because it is alongside.

Driving the real-time moments.

Sports moments, reality television, all about driving people to talk in real-time on twitter, on facebook, the social forms.

A lot of your clients say, we want to have a presence on twitter.

How do we make that bigger?

All of them.

At this point it's not just twitter.

It is all the social platforms, and all about how you position yourself in the platforms as well.

As much as companies want to do this, looking at twitter struggling to gain more users, the user growth has diminished significantly in terms of what we originally saw when companies -- the company went public.

How does twitter take this, things that are in pop culture, in life moments, and translate that into user growth?

They have a program called amplify, a program called vine, taking a video component and working.

They could show that moment again and have it with a 32nd at -- 30-sedon cond ad and monetize.

Their purchasing a lot of smart companies right now.

A company with a massive reach off of the twitter platform.

They need to figure how they can bring people back onto the core platform.

What is the amount of time you can use on video for vine?

Six seconds.

That's it?

How can you do anything in six seconds?

[laughter] what can you do in 140 characters?

I know, but i work in the video industry -- six seconds is not a lot of time.

Is it catching on?

I think it is working.

Listerine had a room here for something like this.

They were waiting for something like this.they had an army in place . anything that happened real time in the world cup, they would tweet about it.

After having italian, you should use a mouthwash, they said.

Really interesting.

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