Students Beware: Tweets Could Keep You From College

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Nov. 12 (Bloomberg) -- Seppy Basili, vice president at Kaplan Test Prep, warns of the dangers of students being rejected as colleges and universities increasingly check the social media entries of their applicants. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Market Makers.”


At the final throes, they do not get into college because of nasty tweeting?

Is a lesson they have to learn.

We have been asking if they check, and this year, we saw a five percent increase in folks saying yes.

It is a golden rule.

Your digital footprint is out there.

Why wouldn't they check?

An invasion of privacy.

No, it is public.

It is not private at all.

I can only -- imagine if it is a gigantic school, but if it is selective, particularly a graduate program, why not?

That is what we heard.

Keep in mind, most college admissions officers do not get to interview the students.

They have applied with things about building schools in africa, so it is not surprising that admissions officers would want to look at that stuff.

How widespread is the issue of students not been admitted because of naughty facebook behavior?

We have heard that it has happened.

It is important to contextualize this.

One-third say they look, and about one-third say they have found something.

It is going up.

It is going up, so we want to make sure students are aware that it could happen, and be cautious.

Are we telling students to behave in ethical ways that we, as adults, are not look at what 52-year-old put on facebook, and look at anthony weiner.

And look at where he ended up.

Being aware is the most important he's. -- peace.

It is like everything else you prepare for.

You want to put your best step forward.

Is very huge opportunity for someone to set up a service where you scrub a facebook or twitter feed?

Is there are a lot of things a student could do, and it could start with googling themselves.

High school students are famously ignorant to -- they do, but they want to post pictures of hot chicks and parties.

Something did solve this, snap chat.

Unless you take a picture of snap chat.

There you go.

From our perspective, we are not experts in privacy.

We are experts in college admission, so we want to make sure students are aware of the issue, thoughtful about it, and at the least do research on how you look online, and keep in mind that colleges are brands.

They are constantly looking at the web to see what is said about their school, so if you have made a snarky tweet from the admissions office waiting room, it will not serve you well.

Have you heard horror stories?

Someone making comments about other applicants and how they were dressed, that did not go over well.

And the school came back and said it was not your sat scores, not your tuba playing, but this nasty behavior?

That student did not get in.

I do not know if it is the only reason why.

The trend -- you say more are looking into this, are more factoring this into admission decisions?

I think he will continue to be a trend there -- trend.

Most do not have a policy.

Admissions officers are free to use this and my hunch is it will continue to happen.

But there is a future at harvard

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