TWC Proposes A La Carte Offering for CBS

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August 5 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Jon Erlichman discusses day three of Time Warner Cable's blackout of CBS and the fascinating new developments that have surfaced. He speaks with Cory Johnson on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Following negotiations closely.

What's the latest?

The willingness to put forward a proposal for an a la carte version of cbs is opening a very interesting door.

For cbs to react the way it did is not a surprise.

For the consumer to this and decide if they want it or not, if you think about the potential for a la carte for cable and content companies it's huge.

You see pricing on everything in a grocery store and you can make the decision on buying something across the street if you want.

The mystery of the cable world, not knowing the pricing of every channel, is dangerous for every side.

There is a sports channel that costs five dollars, six dollars per user per month, if you are the user to find out that on your run you might not be happy but you not be happy if the cable, he is going to give you fewer channels instead of 200 and still get you up to whatever it is they charge over the course of the month, $80, to protect their margins.

I think just to start this conversation is a fascinating development.

I was watching golf this weekend in tiger woods holed up ratings 138% year-over-year for the bridgestone tournament.

I wonder how sports will drive resolving this whole thing?

Cbs has a strong argument in saying that in prime time, there are a lot of people watching the shows, not just sporting events, compared to what the cable providers have been willing to pay.

On top of that and to your point, cbs pays a lot of money for sports even though it's not seen as a sports player like a cbn -- espn or fox sports.

Maybe this is the line in the sand.

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