TV Feels Like Wild West: `House of Cards' Creator

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Dec. 12 (Bloomberg) -- Beau Willimon, creator of Netflix's "House of Cards," discusses the show's popularity and Golden Globe nominations with Jon Erlichman on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Nominations mean for programs.

The platform that you find it, what does this mean?

We had no idea whether we will be eligible for any awards.

And the golden globes, it was closer to the eligible and the icing to be nominated.

When the press invite you to the table and says we take it worthwhile.

What is it about the story and the characters that has gotten so much attention from audiences?

Frank underwood is able to toss all the rules out the window and he doesn't have any allegiances.

It gives him the liberty to do whatever he wants.

I am curious about the marketing story of house of cards as you get ready for the second season.

February 14, this big golden globes event the month before.

It is pretty nice timing.

What are the kinds of things that netflix can take it vantage of given the fact that house of cards is something we will be talking about for the next few weeks.

There are plenty of people that haven't even watched episode one yet.

Because netflix gives the viewer the choices to how they want to experience the show, there are people that hopefully, because of the attention we got today, will watch season one now and will be caught up and ready.

I don't think there is anything more romantic than take-out chinese and watching season two this valentine's day.

We can think of a couple but i will give you that.

People want to know how far this show can go.

The content, netflix told us three seasons for sure.

Beyond that, how far can you go?

I am not trying to be cagey, but we are really focusing one season at a time.

The very question you are asking is one that we hope viewers are asking.

What about content creators?

What are they gravitating towards these days?

Every time there is another nomination or award for her show on a new platform, i imagine there are writers and show runners that say, maybe i should be thinking about netflix or another platform.

I think you have seen great artists gravitating towards television because that is where the stories are.

Now that you have content providers like netflix that are willing to take chances, artist will gravitate toward these online ones.

We are certainly beneficiaries of that.

We talk so much about binge viewing.

Not just one hour, they watch it all.

It like a 12 hour movie.

How does that affect your decision making on the storyline?

Each episode.

Ultimately, it hinges on the story.

It has to be able to work both ways.

Either a binge experience or something you watch month-to- month.

Necessitating that you watch it in a binge fashion, we focus on telling the best story possible and leave it to the viewers to figure out what is best for them.

Now we know what your valentine's plans are, not that we thought they would be much different than that.

Thanks for joining us.

That is the executive producer

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