TV Becoming Second Screen to Mobile: Borthwick

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Oct. 28 (Bloomberg) -- John Borthwick, CEO at Betaworks, examines the logical link between Twitter and television and how he sees digital media overtaking the importance of television. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

You talk about the link between twitter and tv.

Yes, i think twitter is a very come to sit way of looking at live events and tv is alive phenomena so it works incredibly well with tv.

Four years, we have talked about second screen versus first screen and which is the primary screen experience?

I believe tv is he coming the second screen and the primary screen is actually the interactions people used to navigate like a twitter feed.

Over the next few years, i think you will see that the relationship between twitter and television will get really close.

Does that mean twitter will drive viewers to tv?

If you look at the company, it recently did trials with a couple of tv stations where they are embedding clips.

I think it is happening now.

" game of thrones" is one example.

We have to get you started on a new show.

The people in england are not giving it away.

It is not only tracking the tv shows and participating or fake accounts -- you have phenomenal fake hosts.

You had all the main characters of "downtopnn abbey" in character on twitter.

It amplifies the live events but extends media far beyond the actual tv show.

Thank you.

Do you like my tight today?

It's my breast cancer tie.

The redskin quarterback had the whole thing thing going.

Here it is and it's about breast cancer.

You can talk about it and where pink bowties but that is baloney.

Someone like daniel goldberger out of stanford has spent a career doing breast cancer.

And doing the medicine and

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