How to Turn Windows Into Solar Panels

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Jan. 28 (Bloomberg) -- Kevin Arthur, CEO at Oxford Photovoltaics, discusses the company’s technology providing solar energy through windows. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's “The Pulse.” (Source: Bloomberg)

In detail, it is complex but in application, it is simple.

It is something we coat on to architectural glass.

You a piece of it here.

That looks like a regular piece of glass.

Your tech is sandwiched in the middle of two glass panels.

One we coat with very regular coating process.

Then we seal it with another sheet of glass to protect it.

How efficient is this?

We have had cells in the lab over 16% efficient.

That compares with silicone.

A low cost and efficient process.

This is mainly for commercial.

The bigger usage would be the kind of buildings we see -- a lot of glass there.

Receiver bathed in sunshine.

It is a perfect application.

We're looking commercial buildings rather than residential because it is a surface thing.

With large buildings like that, it is a great place for us.

That is east-facing.

Most buildings work better on the south side and on the west side.

Is there a sort of -- do you do the whole building?

Just two sides?

How does it work?

You can do all of them.

It doesn't need direct light to make it generate electricity.

It is great.

You can go the whole of the building but clearly the south and west will generate the most energy.

You need to make an economic decision on what flanks -- the geographic location.

Tell me what the next years going to bring to your business?

I was reading a report talking about the number of skyscrapers that could be going up in london alone.

What are the opportunities?

Where are you now?

Where do you hope to be?

We're in scale-up now.

It is going very well.

The market is enormous.

At the top of my head, i think the total glass that goes into buildings like this is in the.9 billion square meters a year.

We have an enormous market to go at.

You can see the market out the window.

You know exactly what we're targeting.

For us, it is about scaling thing to up.

In terms of the construction industry, what has it been?

Good response all the way through the value chain.

Architects love the idea.

We're talking to three of the biggest and they are all very, very keen on the technology.

We wish you the greatest of success.

The c.e.o. of oxford.

Coming up, the second hour of "the pulse" is coming up.

Anna edwards is joining me.

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We'll move on to home technology trends.

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