The Birth of iCity, London's $150M Tech Utopia

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Sept. 9 (Bloomberg) -- After the Olympics left London, organizers promised the Olympic facilities would be put to good use. Bloomberg Television investigates what being done to the former broadcast center. (Source: Bloomberg)

Bloomberg looks into it.

The legacy is absolutely phenomenal.

People are still excited about what happened and what is about to happen.

It is really about shifting the balance, the west and -- and -- end out.

It is a business community.

We are developing an ecosystem.

Will take the buildings behind me and turn to a technology commerce.

These are big buildings.

They cannot be replicated anywhere else.

They are vast in size.

650,000 square feet of building which will be redeveloped on the outside and the inside as well.

A huge amount of power.

It is actually unique.

We look at what else works.

The right blend of ecosystem.

And the duration effect especially in silicon valley and elsewhere.

England plant -- planned on startups and universities.

All of these to be the right mix to become a driver.

Leaving a very open.

This is over 10 billion pounds for the olympic games.

We do not want any more of your money and we will put our money in.

We will return to taxpayers.

The promises made before the games and it was not just about 2012 but the long-term legacy and improvement of economic benefits from the east end of london.

When the best opportunities in the whole of europe.

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