Turning Excess Heat Into Electricity

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Feb. 10 (Bloomberg) -- Matthew Scullin, CEO and Co-Founder of Alphabet Energy, discusses converting waste heat into electricity and why his company offers a quicker return on investment. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's “The Pulse.” (Source: Bloomberg)

The mining, oil and gas industries.

It is an interesting time to deliver fuel savings to those industries.

We have an approach based on a platform technology we have developed based on silicone terminal electrics which makes our products much more reliable and much faster on payback than products that have existed in the past.

It is a productization of a new technology that enables these industrial customers to access their waste heat and view it as valuable for the first time.

It is solid-state.

How malleable is it?

How easily can i attach this and retrofit this to existing energy outlets?

Alpha that manufactures these devices.

This is one of them right here, a thermal electric panel.

These are solid-state devices by convention.

What we also do is configure those into turnkey generators that we can deliver to -- for instance, factory furnaces that generate power.

The form factor of our core technology, the thermoelectric chip, can vary.

The platform technology that can go into virtually any heat source.

In addition to the product that we are delivering to mining, oil and gas, we are also working with major companies as partners in industries like steel and automotive to deliver products and turnkey generators to those customers as well.

How efficient is it and what is the potential scale of the market?

Interesting question because since you are competing against nonconsumption, because there is nothing else that you are doing with your waste heat, efficiency is not the most important thing to these customers.

It is reliability, simplicity and roi.

When it comes to a mining company, this is an interesting time in mining because commodity prices are depressed and a lot of mining companies are operating at lower margins or even negative margin compared to where they used to be.

Fuel saving at high roi is going to be towards the top of their list of investments to make.

We are seeing a lot of mining companies and oil and gas companies as well, are looking to use alphabet's products.

In some cases, they have already signed up to do so.

Matthew, great product.

Thanks for staying up in the middle of the night to talk to us about it.

Matthew scullin, ceo of alphabet energy.

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