True Twitter Price Comes After Lockups End: Hamadeh

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Nov. 8 (Bloomberg) -- Sam Hamadeh, founder & CEO at Privco, talks with Betty Liu about what he sees as a fair valuation for Twitter, his expectations for acquisitions to grow the company, what he sees for the stock lockup dates and the 1,600 new millionaires at the company. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.”

You say at this price is where it closed yesterday.

It is very rich.

To give you a sense of it, you could buy two ralph lauren's. it is an expensive company.

We value twitter today.

It does not mean go out and sell twitter.

It is growing and it can grow into the valuation.

Have a big appetite to buy companies.

You can gobble up a lot of small companies and grow that way as well.

They have a $2 million war chest now.

A billion dollar credit line.

Where would they buy or where are they going to buy?

They arty have a shopping list ready.

They hired -- they already have a shopping list ready.

They should start buying by the end of the year.

They're going to buy anything related to real-time mobile and especially real-time advertising to monetize those 220 million users.

You expect a smaller acquisition or some of the bigger adult ones.

We're talking pre-adult acquisitions.

Usually acquisitions between 20 million to 80 million, we think adolescent acquisitions like that.

You mentioned there is an upcoming -- to watch and be careful of if you oldies shares.

That is -- if you hold these shares.

The date of most ipos tend to fall.

February 15 is the employment lock up expiration.

The really big one is the middle of may.

Around may 15 if a big lock up expires -- a lot of shares will be dumped onto the market.

You do not want to get ahead of that supply.

You want to wait until after may 15. that is one that is starting to build out your position a little bit more.

Gear except the true price movement for twitters not going to be apparent until after we get through these lock up period s? we're talking about right after memorial day.

That would be a time to have a good look at a pass growing company that is a market leader.

We're talking about billionaires that have been minted by twitter.

Evan williams is now worth $2.6 billion.

The bigger story might be that there is more than a thousand millionaires are twitter.

We are releasing today -- 1600 twitter millionaires.

It is not a top heavy ipo.

They are spreading the wealth.

You talk about a big valuation for a relatively small number of employees.

1600 of them join early enough.

More than half will be millionaires.

You have two classes of millionaires.

You have the super early joiners that are worth 10 or 15 million and the more recent.

Are we going to see in accidents -- and exodus here?

They go well and become investors and fund other companies.

It is good for the economy and america in general.

Thank you for joining us.

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