Tropical Smoothie Cafe Drinks Up the $23B Market

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July 29 (Bloomberg) -- Tropical Smoothie Cafe CEO Michael Rotondo discusses the multi-billion dollar market for juices and smoothies with Cory Johnson on "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

Tropical smoothie cafe.

These actual smoothies?

More beverages.

We are half smoothies, have food as a revenue base.

What is key to us and what is fueling our growth right now is that we are relevant, we have a lot of growth going on, and a lot of support from the franchise.

280 franchisees, 52% of the system is operated by multiunit frenchy's, so our averages 1-2. i do not know much about the restaurant franchise business.

What is new these days?

What is new in the restaurant industry is innovation.

A lot of innovation is going on right now.

We are on the front end of that.

As an example, last year we rolled out a spinach and kale smoothie.

The number one selling smoothie represents 6% of our sales.

Strawberry banana used to be number one, and now you have the island green.

It is the number one smoothie by far.

Talk to me about sourcing.

Does it get difficult when you have things -- like the kale trend, sweeping the nation?

My wife is a big kale fan.

We have not had any issues yet, but we go through about 500 pounds of kale and spinach in our cafes annually.

It has been a big seller for us.

Also innovation on the food sides.

Bring in spinachh, fish talk

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