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July 10 (Bloomberg) -- In "This Matters Now," Michael Wolff, author of “The Man Who Owns News”, discusses the Tribune Company and their plan to spin off some of their assets. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance." (Source: Bloomberg)

Tribune" has been a train wreck.

What is the company stand?

It has come out of bankruptcy, sort of a new beginning of sorts.

They have the "tribune " company with two legs, a broadcast leg, a newspaper leg, i getting rid of newspapers, pushing them out, the broadcast leg is immediately stronger.

Share price will go up, everything looks rosy -- as we have seen with fox.


Newspapers are depressive.

They are depressive on share price, and they are depressive because they take up on a norma's amount of attention.

Warren buffett it's not agree with what you just said.

He is acquiring his a preferred what is the dissension?

In the of newspapers he is requiring -- acquiring.

Very few newspapers, they're really not relevant to berkshire.

It is favors he has acquired are in -- they're not big city is favors here they are monopoly papers with good, strong advertising.

"l.a. times" is strong.

In five years, if the paper business collapses, can a big city newspapers survive as a digital property?

We have not seen it yet, so possibly.

Everybody is trying.

That is the holy grail out there.

Has anyone gotten their gekko nore?


the price of these papers, they make money, they don't make a lot of money, but they do make money.

The question is, how can you manage these things?

You are essentially managing shrink but -- shrinking businesses.

Ken mr.

Murdoch by the "l.a. times." he has a licensing problem on that, assuming he can get over that.

It is certainly something that i think he would be interested in.

Probably would like to do.

Michael wolff, thank you so much.

Our twitter question of the day --who is the "king of all media" now?

My vote is michael wolff.

You can tweet us @bsurveillance.

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