Trend or Fad? Net-A-Porter Shops Google Glass

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Aug. 4 –- Net-A-Porter President Alison Loehnis discusses her company’s collaboration with Google and brand expansion. She speaks on "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

Your fashion?

How do those intertwined?

We go to the customer.

The net-a-porter customer is an early adopter.

She is very tech forward, but she uses technology to make her life easier.

In terms of google glass, we were incredibly interested in the design development, but also what to do for the developer.

He has retired.

What is the succession plan?

It will take a two course.

Any idea on how long it could take?

Two to six months.

Any names on the shortlist?


you're developing in new york, hong kong, london, all same-day.

What other cities do you want to target?

We have three cities around the world, and any of the warehouses can deliver anywhere globally.

We are currently positioned in 172 countries.

We are focusing on our core markets, with a big focus on the united states.

Said but what about going public?

We really want to focus on our core business, look at product expansion and new service adoption for the customer.

It is a high-end plan cell.

It is a bit of a niche market.

Have you thought about expanding it to lower price points to include more people?

Yeah, within the product offer on net-a-porter, it is broad.

You have everything from jeans to evening dresses, which pushes the price point beyond.

We introduced about a year and a half ago beauty.

What about the score klein?

We launched that last month, which is going incredibly well.

We identified a gap in the market.

There are so many brands and retailers offering real specialty sports, but there was not a go to destination for tech products.

I am a frequent customer, i should say.

Alison loehnis, president of

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