Not Over Yet: Blizzard Hitting Northeast Hard

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Jan. 3 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg meteorologist Bonnie Schneider tracks a powerful snow storm on the East Coast on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

Night in boston, so a major economic impact from the storm.

It is not over yet.

I am tracking snow moving over nassau county on long island and one to two inches per hour.

You see that area of green -- that is really heavy snow.

If you are up early this morning and thought the storm ended last night, it's not over yet.

Can you say it is a cold winter?

Can you extrapolate this from january into february?

It is definitely below normal.

Right now it is -15 degrees, and we are seeing negative five to -10 wind chills.

Montclair up there -- it is cold.

I will tell you cold.

You are starting to sound like an old father.

"when i was young, i walked to school --" in new listener, ontario, the shores on the border, it is -44. put that in your pipe and smoke it.

-15 or -10, anything like this, that is when you have danger because within 15 minutes, any exposure to the skin can get frostbite.

I want to talk about something basic like shoveling the sidewalk.

Someone older -- you have written about this in your books -- when do you say enough is enough, don't go out?

If you have a health condition -- i actually did research on that.

Most of the injuries that occur with men over 40 that have another medical -- are you looking at me?


they are hired.

On your recommendation.

I can shove her snow.

We should go out and do a shovel-off.

Tom, those are brand-new.

You have neville shoveled -- you have never shoveled in them, ok?

When the snow is really heavy, it is not so easy to do

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