Train Derails Near Mumbai Killing 19 People

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May 5 (Bloomberg) –- In “The Big Picture,” Bloomberg’s Zeb Eckert reports on the top stories of the day on Bloomberg Television’s “First Up.” (Source: Bloomberg)


It is a mystery, indeed.

Paul allen, thank you for that.

Checking other stories making headlines, the government of ukraine says the growing violence is essentially civil war.

More than 40 russian -- pro-russian protesters died in clashes.

The city is ukraine's main gateway to the black sea following the loss of crimea.

Moscow says it is deeply concerned at the unrest and is considering its next move.

The south korean president has visited relatives of the that dems of the sioux will ferry disaster, telling them -- victims of the siouxewell very disaster.

60 people are still mixing.

Most victims were students.

At least 19 people were killed when a passenger train derailed south him by.

He came off the line.

120 people were injured.

Police expect the number of victims to rise.

It is not known what caused this accident.

India has one of the largest

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