Traders Tune Out Markets to Watch World Cup

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June 24 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Eric Chemi and Greg Rayburn, managing partner at Kobi Partners, look at how volume drops in global markets during World Cup games and allegations of bribery and corruption surrounding FIFA. They speak on “In The Loop.”

The numbers.

Are certain fans bigger fans?

We deftly see that across the globe.

Latin america stands out as being the place where the games are on, they are totally shutting down.

We see the middle, a little surprising.

Then the bottom.

The graphic shows europe does not just assess so much.

Totally surprising.

I would have thought for sure they would check on occasions.

Christ you look at the data and sometimes -- what about england in particular?

They have something different.

England, regardless of what happens, they are the only country where the traders there will end up dropping trading volumes more for the other games than four games of england.

In every other country, you will see the droughts are more when it is your own country's game here it in the london markets, a lot of traders come from other places, they care more about the other countries.

It will be interesting to see if people themselves are just not that interested.

They will play the same time, so maybe they will watch the italy game or so italy has a chance to advance.

Why latin america?

It is interesting.

Chile is a great example.

They dropped 9.5%. an expert says because they were under dictatorship for so long, they did not have the ability to express their emotions.

It is one place they could really let free.

The present -- the president says, just worry about the game and nothing else.

Really fast rate -- really fascinating.

And greg, your joining us.

Are you a fan?

I do.

I am just sitting here listening to eric and you gave the most rational explanation i've heard so far for the all-time lows.

Maybe the news is, do not buy them until after the game.

The point is that people are not paying attention to the news.

It is how news is propagated across the markets.

If people are slow to react and volumes are not up, that is all you can take advantage and get good trades in.

There is advantage.

I really want to get your opinion on fisa and perhaps even match rigging.

How do you change an institution like that?

You have to start at the top.

Those are extreme issues to deal with.

Anytime you have an institution, whether it is the ncaa or fisa, that has issues that go directly to the integrity of the organization, you cannot do it with the same team in control.

You have to make a change at the top.

Are we talking structural?

You may need structural change at the end of the day, but to get there, you have got to start at the top and work down.

Trying to say, we are aware and we will fix this and instituted new policies, it is ridiculous.

Your integrity is what is at stake.

Those types of approaches will not work.

Do you find the organizations not company-based, do they tend to have more corruption than companies with investors?

They tend to have more dysfunction.

I do not know if corruption goes hand-in-hand there it i used the ncaa as an example.

In so many ways, it is a dysfunctional organization in part because of the way it is instructed in part because they report athletic erectors.

They have a convoluted model that is not a business model.

The same sort of accountability.

Fans do not care.

They sold all the tickets, so they are good to go.

We have got to leave it and

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