Toyota Unions See Rift With Management

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March 10 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg View’s Asia Columnist Willie Pesek discusses the importance of Toyota’s pushback against the unions demands. He speaks to Mia Saini on Bloomberg Television’s “First Up.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Well, we will see how those are going to play out.

Running us from tokyo is our bloomberg asia columnist.

Willie, how important is this in the grand scheme of the talks?

Well, very important.

As you mentioned in the intro, you we are talking about $48 per month, so we are not talking about a lot of money, but symbolically, it is a lot.

It is about rising wages so people consume more, and that creates a cycle in the economy.

The problem is you have got these massive companies like toyota, and given their profits in recent years.

People are waiting to see if the big companies, the big ones will fatten their paychecks.

This is a very pivotal moment.

14 or 15 months into the process, we have not seen any big companies step forward.

As you mentioned, there are a couple of companies to have an open mind we are not seeing very, very big wage increases.

This increase we are talking about with toyota does not sound like a lot, but it is certainly a very pivotal moment.

Yes, and it could all come down to the symbolism.

It is interesting because the jury is still out, but one thing perhaps that is clear is that it has failed to increase living standards.

What is prime minister shinzo abe they doing there?

In many ways, companies could respond, and that would help decelerate the process am a boosting the economy.

We are seeing that corporate executives are waiting.

The prime minister has pledged.

They are looking to wait to see about trade barriers and flexible markets and participation in the labor force, a different tax code, if you will.

They are looking at shinzo abe and saying, you will move first.

With what the economy so badly needs, and that will increase our profits and help our balance

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