Toyota’s Vision of the Future: Humans

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April 7 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Craig Trudell reports on Toyota’s push toward using human skills and craftsmanship instead of robots. He speaks to Angie Lau on Bloomberg Television’s “First Up.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Field, not by aggressive expansion or mass production, but by craftsmanship and traditional human skills.

Bloomberg's automotive reporter craig trudeau is in tokyo.

Back to craftsmanship?

How can they justify that they will be more productive and more efficient, and how much can toyota saved by using human skills -- save by using human skills?

Toyota in addition to forecasting the profit you just mentioned has said it expects to sell 10 million vehicles this year.

To sell 10 million, you need 10 million to sell.

Definitely, the production is going to be maintained and actually increased this year.

That is the plan.

The interesting thing that is going on in toyota's plans is that they aren't building additional plants to get to that 10 million figure.

What they are doing, in particular in japan, is pushing workers to go back to manual processes a little bit and to rethink sort of how their machines are getting the job done.

The ability to hone these skills and be the master of your machine instead of your machine being your master is to root out waste and find a better process.

They are making progress on this front.

They are reducing costs for making parts, like you are showing here, and they are also reducing the size of existing lines in their plants to free up space in existing plants to increase production.

It's very much an efficient

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