Toyota's Push for a Hydrogen Powered Car

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Nov. 21 (Bloomberg) -- On today's "The Agenda," Tom Keene, Matt Miller and Alix Steel look at trending news stories on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance." (Source: Bloomberg)

The day.

Tom, what is on your agenda today?

We are here in chicago, the year ahead 2014 conference.

The 55th mayor of chicago is on my agenda this morning.

He spoke with "in the loop," anchor, betty liu.

That is the three things i think is part of our ability.

The mayor on a most vibrant chicago trying to reform themselves.

That is after decades of being something else.

We are at the chicago stock exchange and it was vibrant from another time and place within equity and commodity transactions.

Some of that has slipped away.

What is behind that is the centrality of chicago.

There big benefit is they are in the middle of it.

It was mentioned that yesterday, the idea of chicago being central will be their future.

When you look at the agenda item for chicago, they are right in the middle of the canadian, the u.s., the north american economy.

That is a perfect lead-in to our twitter question of the day.

We asked what your favorite american city is and why.

One said santa barbara.

Another answer said new york, the perfect combo of class, arts, majesty, wonder and amazement.

I totally support you and agree with that.

The last is san francisco getting a buzz from the biggest i.t. companies in the world.

You cannot have both.

You cannot have brooklyn and new york.

I am confused.

I just moved to brooklyn so my loyalties are confused.

I think you can have both.

Brooklyn is in new york.

You get manhattan, brooklyn, the bronx, queens.

You get it all.

Tom, what is your favorite city?

I am looking at miami as a crucible for the future of america.

You look at the shifts in our demographics -- the idea that in california there are only 29% republicans registered.

There is a demographic shift.

We saw then in the last election.

Front and center in that demographic is miami.

That is what i am watching.

I am going to call i don't believe you.

I think boston is tom's favorite city.

If you think about the latin population in this country, the beating heart of the land population in this country is in miami.

It is a really nice place to live, weather-wise.

Tom, you have to say goodbye.

You are running to radio.

I will see you in miami.

I will be there never.

I am going to move onto my agenda.

Toyota -- the automaker is going hydrogen.

The prius carmaker has unveiled a concept model of a hydrogen fuel cell that they plan to watch in 2015. -- plan to launch in 2015. they have had trouble with the technology being too expensive, but a lot of carmakers are planning on coming out with hydrogen fuel cells and 2015. -- in 2015. we will see.

Is that the next iteration of the car market?

Is it tech startup to help rejuvenate the technology that seems difficult to implement?

I think you will see technology and everything.

It is the nature of living in a connected universe.

Connected is the theme of the l.a. autoshow.

If you have driven in a tesla -- i drove in a friend's the other day.

When you get back into a regular car, you cannot believe it.

When are we going to see tech companies involved -- you ball into -- eveolve into car companies?

Does that mean the ford's of the world have to go by techstars?

There has been consolidation in the auto industry for as long as it has existed.

Who knows what else can come out?

I want to point out that tesla has done an amazing job with that product.

I hope he gets better and i hope it's cheaper so more people can drive it.

It is all about lithium.

Lithium and aluminum.

The fix that chevy volt had to make so that its battery was safer and did not explode and burn after you run over a tire on the road is that they had to put another aluminum sheet under it.

That would drive the price up of tesla substantially.

I am looking at retail sales for my agenda.

October sales were up narrowly.

Ready gloomy on the forecast for the holiday season.

We got the numbers out this morning.

Sears just lost $2.88 per we do not know if that is comparable to other estimates.

Revenue came in $8.3 billion.

In terms of target, net income fell 40%. we continue to hear that from the likes of walmart.

Big-box retailers trying to fill market share.

If you look at what walmart is doing, they have built an office dedicated to technology in san francisco.

They have to do that.

They're behind the curve on that.

Have to play catch-up now.

I am going to go into jcpenney and a sears.

Going in there will not work.

You have to buy something.

I will probably buy something at sears.

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