Toyota Revisits Hands-On Approach to Manufacturing

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April 7 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Craig Trudell reports on Toyota’s back-to-basics approach to manually manufacturing car parts on Bloomberg Television’s “The Pulse.”


Within the existing plans, toyota and japan have put it back into manual labor and they have the motivation of finding ways to improve the machines that shrink the lines that they use to make cars.

They are succeeding in doing this and we saw this one particular line that we looked at that was reduced in size through the project that toyota is working on.

I guess they have a big impact.

Are they doing the same thing?

It is unique within the automotive industry.

You do not see this going on.

Toyota has been willing around the scene.

Others have not been able to replicate it.

Toyota emphasizes it and other carmakers have not emphasized it or replicated the production system for decades now.

Thank you so much.


Let's move on.

We will stay in japan.

Making objects float using ultrasound.

Tom gibson has a report.

Levitation is a trick made famous by david blaine.

It is happening for real.

A student behind it is not using magnets.

He is using sound.

It is called a midair acoustic

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