Toyota Pushes to Extend Hybrid Dominance

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Aug. 28 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Matt Miller examines Toyota's dominance in hybrid vehicles and previews the automaker's hybrid automobile event happening today in Michigan. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance."

This covers legal fees and settlements.

More than the dividends paid out by the banks in the past five years.

Las vegas san spent the u.s. 47 million for failing to report suspicious deposits . prosecutors say it should have raised red flags.

Jpmorgan bracing for a much as $600 billion in fines but related to the london royal.

The total could change.

And that is today's company news.

Take them another company to watch is toyota.

Executives coming from all over the world.

Matt miller joins us from michigan.

I know there is going to be a lot of talk about the japanese yen, but also a lot of talk about hybrids, which speaks to why they're coming only to michigan.


This is a great example of the yen and oil.

They have come all the way here to detroit.

They brought 28 cars with them to show the world.

Really to show the big three that they are still the master of hybrid cars.

They hardly had any competition a couple of years ago.

Ford and general motors have tried to take a back page of what fuel-conscious consumers want.

Not doing nearly as well.

Of the past 12 months they have released " the competition.

To get their smoking the competition on hybrids.

They have not made inroads here.

They have a partnership with tesla.

How will they break into that market?

Well, that market is not so big right now.

They are mostly concerned with the hybrid.

They are going above and beyond.

They are developing of hydrogen fuel cell.

I know the prius sold to a certain market.

I am sure it sells well at the university of michigan.

Can it sell to the rest of america?

Is america ready for a hybrid?

America is definitely buying them.

They make up 10 percent of what america sells globally.

They sell 250,000 per year.


Maybe it is not just for sensitive guys.

My mother drives a prius.

Tell us what else you up coming up in terms of coverage.

We will enter real bob cart er, of u.s. sales.

We will find out how they're doing overall because ford and gm have done very well in the mid-sized sedan market.

We will talk to the new head of the u.s. business.

Japan has brought him over to run the business.

Better ask about the outlook for the japanese yen.

Looking forward to your coverage.

Joining us from michigan, matt miller.

Byron wien with us.

This trend continues.

We have to get on the multinational bandwagon.

Take a we are in a multinational band wagon.

-- we are on a multinational been widened.

We have been global since the 1920's. tacoma who i do not think they are mutually exclusive.

I would buy a global fund.

I think europe is attractive.

I think it is undervalued.

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