Toyota May Unveil Off-Road Models: Jalopnik

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Feb. 4 (Bloomberg) –- Editor-In-Chief Matt Hardigree discusses the state of the auto industry with Scarlet Fu and Matt Miller on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Further exactly what this is for viewers who do not know.

We are probably the world's largest online news site.

We just cover the auto industry the way normal people would cover it.

It is not all press releases and boring.

People rent cars and race them.

Everything related to cars and not necessarily car reviews.


You will love it.

You have a lot of other family sites and we already mentioned this.

You have opposite lock, and on truck yeah, my domain, because i prefer a truck over a card.

I need it.

There is a great story about the fact toyota might come out with an amazing off-road competitor to the ultimate truck in america.

I thought there is no way it would happen.

They would -- they will definitely show something.

We show something and motor trend did a front page cover story on the plastic model of a car they showed that they will never make.

They show stuff they will never make.

They do not have the components to bring it out, but they have a nasty truck in the tundra.

It is a possibility.

I think they could do it.

The ceo, it is his name on the car and he can do whatever he wants.

He loves to race.

He said, we want to make more interesting cars.

What is the point of building boring toyota camry's all the time?

I do not get the appeal of the pickup truck.

How could they make this bonkers truck?

It has racing suspension and wheels that are 35 inches, it is a monster, but they sell them out.

They cannot keep them on the lot.

There are 10 other guys that find it amazingly attractive.

One out of every 10 piece or just people goes off-road.

They look awesome.

I went off-road and with one right when they came out when i was out in a random place in texas driving a truck and people thought it was a concept car.

The reaction i got was the same i got driving around the streets in a lamborghini.

It is bonkers.

That is a decent rice tag.

I spoke with someone who defines the suit -- the future ahead of the chinese new year.

He said last year was the year of the automobile and this would be the year of the u.s. real estate market.

Getting back to the year of the automobile, pickup trucks, that was a big precursor to the boom we saw.

Will they continue to be big drivers hear?


That is where a huge chunk of fort rough it's come from.

The growth we're seeing of chrysler, that was only one of the big three that reported positive sales growth last month.

People love trucks.

Matt goes crazy for trucks.

I sold both of my cars.

While everyone else here is trapped in the snow, i will do snow we don't. you mentioned one of the great accepted travesties of automotive journalism is that these companies do not tell us their margins on products.

It drives me bonkers.

Analysts try to suss it out.

Secondary data, i passed more than half of profits for ford.

We do not know for sure.

They make tons of money.

They are on a completely different product cycle.

Cars get refreshed every four or five years.

They make a huge investment in a hope pays off.

There has been a huge upgrade cycle this past year and that contributed to car sales going back to the highest since before the recession.


The question is, are people driving more?

There is a chart of vehicle models.

The data from the department of transportation, one interpretation is that it peaked in 2008. three point one million miles traveled by americans was the peak.


Back in 2008. one interpretation might be these are people replacing old cars and not necessarily new drivers coming on.

Public transportation, are people walking more?

There is some of that.

There is a trend toward urbanization.

I live in brooklyn.

I use the metro card more than the car.

Even though i am on a car site, i get the cars.

Public transit is great.

Leave the road open for my subaru.

There is also a similar step.

The average age of a car is older than it has ever been.

So yes, there is some market movement for people to replace their vehicles.

They released pressure off of people who wanted new cars.

They were afraid to, which is why hyundai came back out.

We are past that stage and i think at this point, it is people holding onto their cars and people waiting -- they have had their job.

They need to go out and finally by that maza roddy.

People who do not buy cars and just used zip car, i do not know if that is good or bad.

Kids my age, we will have kids ourselves.

I am a millennial.

It will be a different car from what our parents bought, but it is really money.

Many of my friends are crushed by college debt.

They will get the metro card every time.

A lot of them will end up buying the toyota camry's. the car may be boring, but the prophet is insane.

Toyota made more money last year than general motors and.

Can combine.

Class that warrantee, maybe that is the hyundai warrantee.

I cannot remember.

We will take a quick break and will be back right after this.


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