Total Dysfunction Out of D.C. for Business: Marcus

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Oct. 31 (Bloomberg) -- In "Bloomberg West Company News," Bloomberg's Scarlet Fu reports on the top technology stories of the day. She speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance."

Republican party.

Which republican party are you planning to support?

I think that the job creators network -- we don't represent either party.

We are concerned about the small businessman.

We are concerned about how he will fare in this economy.

Right now he is not faring well under the democratic regime.

We see total dysfunction in washington.

Between the republicans and the democrats.

We speak to small business people.

I have done this now -- i am not a small businessman anymore, but i used to be many many years ago and i have not forgotten what it is like to work 15 hours a day, seven days a week.

What kind of problems and obstacles we had.

Frankly, today it is worse than i have ever seen in my entire life.

Which political parties fighting for your small business?

I think that you find that the republican party is out there doing a hell of a lot more.

If you look at what happened with obamacare, the effect of on small businesses is almost catastrophic.

Let me give you an example.

I spoke to one yesterday.

A restaurant that has 500 people working for it.

Dumb and what you are going to be doing, i said.

I'm going to be on radio and on television over the next few weeks.

He said, you cannot use my name.

I said, i promise you i will not use my name.

If they find out what i'm doing, they will come after me.

Tommy what you are doing.

He said -- tell me what you are doing.

My full-time workers, i will pay the penalty.

These 500 people who have insurance today, who are going to get thrown out on the street tomorrow and will end up with obamacare -- which is medicare -- and if you know what medicare is really like, it is pretty bad for the average person.

That is a view that has been consistently voiced by part of america.

You grew up in newark, new jersey.

How does the republican party move from being the elite party back to the business view and to the finance field of the middle class?

Can the republicans do that or will they be the party of the elite?

Listen, you want to keep talking about the elite.

My god, a guy who has 500 people working for him, he is not an elitist.

He is a businessman trying to make a living.

The people who work for him are middle-class america.

How do you define elitist against non-elitist?

Let's talk about the american people.

Let's talk about jobs.

Think about 500 people, the majority of which will go on part-time.

What a crippling effect that will have on people?

Who gives a damn whether you are elitist or not?

Who is going to protect these people?

You are a billionaire philanthropist.

Is there anyone you will be willing to put your money on a 2016? right now we don't have the leadership in the republican party.

We certainly don't have it in the democratic party.

I just hope that sometime between now and 2016, somebody hauls out.

We have seen that the democrats

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