The Top Ten Stocks for Wednesday, Aug. 27

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Aug. 27 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Betty Liu, Julie Hyman and Alix Steel report on today's ten most important stocks on “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Will debate that in a moment.

We are on the markets again in 30 minutes.

Let's count down to the open.

Julie hyman and alix steel join me this morning.

Let's start with number 10 -- facebook.

The social media giant downgraded from neutral to buy at jana montgomery scott.

Facebook shares are all in the premarket but are up more than 90% over the last year.

Number nine, mankind -- the biopharmaceutical companies was rated a new buy at jefferies.

Mankind shares are up more than 3.5% in the premarket and have surged more than 35% so far this year.

Kind of a cool name.

I would pay attention.

Number eight, my mother-in-law's favorite retailer, cheetos.

They -- chico's. they fell short on revenue and sales are down as a result.

Surge in the premarket -- michael's. they beat estimates and offered an upbeat forecast.

My grandmother's favorite store.

Number six is tivo.

They beat analyst estimates by a penny they gaining subscribers.

They also plan to buy that $350 million worth of stock, but the dvr maker forecast profit well below analyst estimates, which is sending shares lower in the premarket.

Number five, time warner cable -- customers across the u.s. will up to no internet access this morning and took to vent their frustrations.

How did they take to twitter?

I guess mobile devices.

Service has largely been restored.

They are in a study -- investigating the source of the problem.

It shows how addicted we are.

I love how people wake up, and something kisses them off -- and the first thing they do is go on twitter.

I will tell everybody.

Let it out.

Because you know if you call time warner cable on the phone, you're not going to get through for a very long time.

Very true.

Number 4 -- a sad story with radioshack, but they could be getting a lifeline.

There are talks to raise cash and stave off bankruptcy.

Radioshack has lost money for nine straight quarters.

Their stores are pretty sad.

Number three, smith & wesson -- the company putting its full-year sales forecast because unsold guns are piling up at me -- dealers.

They say sluggish demand will have an impact in the second quarter.

It is surprising because when you hear the anti-gun rally wrapup expectations that triggers gun sales.

Handgun sales are still going ok.

It is the long guns, assault rifles, etc., that was particularly weak.

You have number two?

Express -- results came in above wall street estimates.

They also raise the full-year forecast and express profit margins are improving amid a difficult environment.

Shares are searching on that news.

The number one is something we can all identify with -- tiffany's, the luxury jewelry retailer second quarter profit topped analystshares are shining, so to speak, in the premarket.

They have introduced this to luxury -- higher luxury jewelry line.

I don't know if you saw the tea collection yet.

It is much more expensive.

Margins are going up maybe because gold and silver prices are going down.

Just saying.

There was the opening bell.

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