The Top Ten Stocks for Wednesday, Aug. 20

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Aug. 20 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Trish Regan, Olivia Sterns and Scarlet Fu report on today's ten most important stocks on “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

The only stories you need to know about today.

Important ones.

Olivia sterns joining me here.

I want to start with american eagle at number 10. the retailer's second-quarter earnings fell, a slump in same quarter sales.

American eagle also issued a forecast in line with estimates.

A tough environment right now.

Take it away.

Number nine, walgreens.

The shakeup was caused by a $1 billion forecasting error.

This is according to a story in the wall street journal this morning.

The cfo reportedly cut the forecast for earnings by more than $1 billion in july.

Both the cfo and chief of pharmacy were out the door.

Number eight, at&t, the carrier out to beat google in the race to get the fastest internet speeds in silicon valley.

It is working on his giga power service, the first city in california to get the service.

Number seven is microsoft.

Steve ballmer resigning from the company's board eight months after stepping down as ceo.

The move ends more than three decades of direct involvement.

Ballmer still remains microsoft's top individual shareholder.

I talked to him 30 seconds after in an exclusive phone interview and he said, i still want to remain a really strong shareholder at microsoft and i am committed to that.

I have so much other stuff going on in my life right now, it is a lot to balance.

This is the guy who just bought the clippers for $2 billion.

He will make that investment pay off.

He will be a great manager.

Number six is petsmart.

The retailer exploring a possible sale of the company as well as other options.

This comes amid ongoing -- petsmart says it just bought pet 364 $130 million for on the channel capabilities.

Number five is lows.

The retailer beating estimates in the second quarter but a full-year sales forecast.

Strong quarterly results and it raised its earnings forecast.

A move on to number four.

Apple shares surging, a split-adjusted record hit in 2012. it was set in a tweet that all of the chips are still on the table.

The stock is up 25% this year.

Number three is staples.

It expects one of those new apple product to be released later this year.

The office supply chain is still feeling a burn from online competitors like amazon.

A 20% decline.

An announcement to shut 140 stores this year.

A car rental service hitting a roadblock.

18% after the company said for your results would be well below forecasts.

In addition to a record level of auto recalls, it is getting hit by costs from an attic -- from an accounting review.

The number one stock of the day as we get closer to the open.

It is target.

The company is still reeling from last year's hacker attack.

It is posting a 62% decline in second-quarter earnings.

It cut its forecasts for the year.

The retailer is pointing to

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