The Top Ten Stocks for Monday, Aug. 19

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Aug. 19 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Matt Miller, Olivia Sterns and Scarlet Fu report on today's ten most important stocks on "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

You need to know about before the opening bell.

Olivia sterns joins me, scarlet fu is here as well.

I will kick it off with number 10, aeropostale.

Julian geiger has returned as ceo.

Thomas johnson agreed with the board to step down as ceo and director after the company has done horribly.

Geiger served as their ceo from 1996 to early 2010. he then went over to a bake shop and did not do so well there, since the went bankrupt and closed down -- he resigned before they went under.

Number nine, tjx, the parent company of t.j. maxx, earnings-per-share topped analyst estimates.

The retail also raised its full-year outlook.

Keeping with the radial dutch retail thing, -- the retail theme, pollo loco fell.

It began with a neutral rating.

Number seven is verizon to medications.

-- verizon medications but it regained its title as the fastest wireless provider in the u.s. it is back on cap after adding capacity to relief network congestion in big cities like here in new york city.

Exporting goods sought a slide in -- dick's sporting goods saw a slide in second-quarter earnings.

Its golslf line continues to struggle after fewer americans like matt miller hit the links.

After an internal review, walmart decided that the discount retailer would not be a good fit with smaller format stores.

Number four, urban outfitters.

The retailer record -- reported a decline in second-quarter profits.

Sales at namesake stores -- why do i keep saying "namesake stores"? they also own anthropologie.

I know that.

Three people.

Bhp billiton is prepared for the biggest spin off in mining history, separating its aluminum, cole, and silver assets into a new company worth $15 billion.

Many investors were expecting php to announce a stock buyback.

Number two, elizabeth arden.

Shares plunging after the company reported a wider than estimated loss in the quarter.

A steep decline in celebrity perfumes, particularly justin bieber and taylor swift.

Matt, you're probably not a fan of girlfriend, justin bieber's -- are they luxury cosmetics?


wanted to make an appointment at the spa and it was terribly expensive so i didn't go.

Fascinating insight.

Number one, home depot.

Second-quarter results beat estimates.

They also announced they are releasing a new connected home products.

I getting way ahead of myself are ready.

As the markets start to trade him want to bring in the chief market strategist at a firm that oversees approximately $215 billion in assets.

He says that even an increased volatility and global unrest, keeping cash is a mistake.

It needs to be put to work.

Thank you for joining us.

Thank you for having me.

Where else do you put your money?

Buying bonds, you don't get much yield.

U.s. stocks, are they still attracted at these prices?

He is try to build wealth and

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