The Top Ten Stocks for Friday, Aug. 29

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Aug. 29 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Betty Liu, Olivia Sterns and Scarlet Fu report on today's ten most important stocks on "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

With the top 10 stories you need to know about today.

Scarlet fu and olivia sterns join me on this friday.

Let's start with number 10, mcdonald's. russia is stepping up its crackdown on the fast food chain.

Consumer safety regulators inspecting more than 100 restaurants after reports it closed 12 locations.

Speculation the closings are in retaliation for the western sanctions against russia.

Number nine, the retailer following after forecasting a wider loss than analysts expected for this quarter.

In the quarter that just ended, it reported a loss of three cents with revenue and same-store sales beating estimates.

Number eight is johnson and johnson.

It is exploring the sale of the medical device unit according to a person familiar with the matter.

The unit sells catheters and could sell for as much as two billion dollars.

Number seven is tesla.

We brought you the story about the electric carmaker teaming up which are not -- china's second largest mobile company to set up charging stations.

Elon musk will work with the carrier to build 400 stations across china.

Shares of tesla getting a charge in the premarket on this news.


We love the puns.

Frontline, stock was cut to sell.

The downgrade follows the second quarter loss.

Shares are down almost 40% this year.

Number five is astrazeneca.

The new cancer drug just advance to phase two trials boosting hopes for success.

There's also speculation that talks between astrazeneca and pfizer which broke down may have resumed after the takeover attempt by the u.s. drug maker in may.

That will be interesting to see how it plays out.

Number four, the company posted a surprise quarterly profit helped by 52% spike in revenue.

The software maker said it boosted sales and signed a record number of deals in the second quarter.

Cool name, splunk.

Number three is big lots.

Second quarter profits coming in shy of wall street estimates with same-store sales falling as well.

They're raising the profit forecast for the and announced a new stock buyback plan.

Number two, a store you have not been to lately, radioshack.

There is speculation the company will get a rescue financing package to avoid bankruptcies.

Stock posted double-digit gains jumping 31%. shares continue to rise in the premarket.

At number one, so much going on in the telecom world.

T-mobile is your number one stock.

The fourth largest wireless carrier in the u.s. may be on the auction block.

Deutsche telekom is willing to sell t-mobile if you can get at least $35 a share according to a person familiar with the matter.

Earlier this month, t-mobile rejected $33 a share from iliad.

It is on the auction block.

People argue in the u.s. it is better to have three big giant wireless carriers than two puny ones outside of at&t and verizon.

I think the only add bid is intriguing -- iliad bid is intriguing.

In france, you can get a phone package for three euros a month, no contract.

There goes the opening bell.

I want to bring in the chief investment strategist.

Spoken like a true capitalist, pat says investors should be

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