The Top Ten Stocks for Friday, Aug. 15

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Aug. 15 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Betty Liu, Julie Hyman and Scarlet Fu report on today's ten most important stocks on "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)


Ok, equity futures are higher.

Inflation is still pretty tame.

That does not cause for -- call for that action on interest rates anytime soon.

Equity futures are up .25%. we are on the markets again in 30 minutes.

Let's count on to the open with the top 10 -- the only stories you need to know about today julie hyman and scarlet fu join me.

Number 10, verizon -- shares are higher after berkshire hathaway said they increased their investment at 36% in the second quarter.

Managers at billionaire warren buffett's company, reallocated that's on --bets on pay-tv companies.

A lot of interesting stuff to sniff through.

Number nine, gilead sciences.

They get a boost after a drug won the backing of the u.k. health regulator, paving the way for treatment to be reimbursed by british taxpayers.

It is no small amount.

At almost $700 a pill, a standard 12-week course of soval di will cost almost $50,000. seaworld is building new housing for killer whales after criticism for the treatment of animals.

The controversy was sparked by the documentary "dark fish." and leon cooperman, we learned yesterday from a person familiar with his investment, it was not in the 13f, but they said he had sold out of the state.

He had been in the top 20 holders.

Interesting move on his part.

Number seven, gannett, with carl icahn exposing a new activist state and the company.

He had planned to mount a campaign to split the print and broadcasting this is before gannett began to that.

Carl icahn still want to talk to management.

You mentioned this, he was late to the game.

He was late to the game, and they said they would talk to him because they talk to all of their shareholders.

Number 6 -- barron's issued and rating of outperform for a carry-on and names of buyers including bristol-myers squibb, johnson & johnson, and roche.

There has been a lot of m&a in parma.

Number five is applied materials -- benefiting from demand from makers of flat-panel displays.

Number four, jcpenney it's revival of promotions and discounts bring shoppers back into the doors.

Jcpenney can expect positive cash flow and end the year with about $2.1 billion in liquidity.

I find it fascinating.

We have seen walmart, target, and others coming out with dismal sales.

They have been trading from around here.

It was so bad . -- it was so bad.

It could have been worse.

Reducing a stake in yahoo!

The fed now controls less than one million shares.

First-quarter forecasts were shy of estimates.

For estee lauder.

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