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Dec. 27 (Bloomberg) –- Bizo CEO Russell Glass discusses what he thinks will be the top tech trends of 2014 with Olivia Sterns and Scarlet Fu on Bloomberg Television’s “Market Makers.” (Source: Bloomberg)

On your smart phone's mode -- home screen.

How do you think that will work?

Let's hope i will be a little more accurate than the predictors you had on earlier.

I think it is going to happen to him and i think the big trend we're going to see -- if you think about these devices about about 1.2 billion of them are out there.

This home screen on this device, we look at it about 100 times a day.

That is over 100 billion impressions of opportunity that marketers are not touching today.

I think we're going to start to see that come.

It might be innocent, so what might happen is that they're going to provide a free cell phone, they're going to provide free service for those who are willing to show ads on their phone.

Ad supported, free handset?

Think of this in terms of amazon, they have an candle that you can get if you will just show for that you hit -- that you can get for $50 if you will let them show ads on their screen.

There are a few comedies out there thinking about it.

-- companies thinking about this.

They have an application that allows you to serve as a home screen.

You can earn five cents a day, and that is not enough to override the nuisance.

I think people would be willing to do it if it were a phone.

I know you're also big on wearables.

It feels like it was a big to do would google posco last first debuted, but that fizzled out, and we saw a few smartphone watches, but i'm not sure i want one.

Why do you think 2014 is going to be the year for wearable tech?

Let's start with google glass.

Google glass is a great concept, but if you look at an -- a robot or a watch, that is what you look like.

Apple just filed for a patent for a heart monitor embedded in the device.

That kind of capability, when you can have the device on you, it is monitoring different things in your body, and it is giving you accurate information without having a phone in your body -- in your pocket, that is something we might be ready for.

The former ceo of yves saint laurent, i think we're going to see a very fashionable watch, from apple next year that will be a credit great changer that category changer.

We have always heard that, will 2014 be the next big apple product that will change every thing we know?

I think there are two apple products that will hit and will change everything.

What is the apple loss, and to his final leave the apple tv.

But we have heard that.

I think that steve jobs was working on this right before he passed away, and that has been reported on.

I think apple has finally gotten this right, and they have practicing, and using their box capability.

They're going to integrate that with a screen, and be one of the most exciting tvs you have average.

It's just as an example of what i think it will do.

You will be able to watch a show and have a twitter stream right next to it, and interact with that twitter stream as you're watching the show right on the tv.

I think that is just a sample of what this television is going to be cable blog.

So this is obedient network will be embedded in the display.

We have been hearing about this for so long, and nothing happened over the last three years.

Does that tell you that there are some difficulty that apple is having negotiating with content distributors are content creators?

I think there are some of that, but what is going to be different about the stevie it is not going to the have the get -- this tv it is that not only going to have the internet capabilities, it is going to come together with existing content with internet content.

I think the challenge that apple has as more of a manufacturing one.

How do we get the manufacturing right at a price point that consumers are going to be willing to buy?

That is what has taken them as long as it has to put something on the market.

Apple tv sounds great, but i will see it when i believe -- believe it when i see it.

I also wanted to ask about twitter, which has been surging this week, even though it is selling a five percent today.

You say it is revolutionary, could be by -- like the printing press, how is that possible?

Before the printing press, a handful of people got to read the book or see a newspaper.

The printing press allowed that to be mass-produced, suborbital but to see that.

They get radio, and that change communication, because you and millions of people that had access to real-time information.

Tv turned that into pictures, twitter for the first time is a fully public introduction -- and direction that we have never seen before.

It is the first time that real- time we can interact with each other in a public way.

They collect the internet town square, and we can see what is going on.

We see what happens with the arab spring, with the other revolutions and other massive groups of people using twitter to communicate.

I think it is the future of the medication -- of communication.

And while the downgrade of twitter shares might be interesting for now, i think it will be the next google.

This will be a company by the peak of last book -- facebook, does this mean that facebook's platform will be less desirable than 200 and 14 -- in 2014? no doubt in my mind.

I think the problem facebook has is that it has a closed off platform.

Twitter is wide open.

Content is being consumed today by people using twitter, and they do not even know they're using twitter.

Information is coming and in a way that they are getting access to even for a google search.

Facebook does not work that way, and i would say that we have seen the peak of facebook top 's popularity.

Thank you.

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