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Sept. 13 (Bloomberg) -- Rahul Sharma, Managing Director at Neev Capital, discusses London Fashion Week and the broader luxury goods market. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's “The Pulse.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Between what the close do and sell like and the apparel business.

I think the issue between accessories and apparel is that accessories are easy to translate globally.

It is easy for a chinese lady to carry a handbag.

The styling is quite different for apparel.

Apparel carries more risk.

You are seeing gucci and even her barry are starting to deemphasize the apparel business.

I think it is increasingly becoming about finding newer, younger designers, less known designers for apparel.

The big guys always have a presence, but they tend to play it really safe.

They will have a fashion show but that part of their business is so small that it doesn't reflect what is happening in the luxury market.

We have a new generational aspect.

Top shop are sponsoring it.

They're trying to cultivate these new designers in the uk.

How important is it that funding is going towards the new investment in design.

Or is it actually about the likes of top shop and high street emulating what is going to be on the catwalk?

There is a whole lot of that.

That is where the money is.

This is not to belittle someone who is an up-and-coming designer whose whole objective is to be seen by the buyers at neiman marcus, to be seen by the buyers at saks and be carried by them.

It is huge for someone on that sscale to be catapulted onto that level.

People like top shop and zahra increasingly have presence because everybody, whether tenant -- whether they can afford it or not, these people are there to emulate that.

People want to dress differently.

They want to stand out more or less.

More of these fashion companies are emulating that.

When is beijing fashion week?

Clearly it is one third of the fashion market.

Incrementally the other interesting point is that it is not just fashion week.

The travel in chinese is such an important business.

You almost have to have flagships over here even if they are relatively less well-known brands.

You have to open stores here so that they can see that.

I think you are getting there, but it comes down to the fact that accessories travel very well.

We are still working on the fashion side of things.

Is that why we're seeing that partnership with oxford street or ox street as their calling ajacco it?

A big part of it has been the tourists.

Many of those brand names are well-known.

It goes the on china.

You are actually seeing a definite push.

They want to get involved.

London fashion week is becoming an event to bring people to.

It wasn't before.

It almost lost some of its panache.

It became very uncool for a while and was definitely not in the big three, which are clearly defined.

And you have to say you are seeing even the big three, people like her barry are putting more emphasis behind london fashion week than they used to.

Remember, for a lot of people in asia, they know made in france, they know made in italy.

Made in britain needs to have its reputation builds up date . if you already had paris fashion week and milan fashion week, you have to step it up.

It is another part of adding that credibility to your brand.

London used to be pretty, used to have that vibe about street fashion, it was punk.

How do you define it now?

You've got to take two buckets out of it because let's not just talk about the high end, you have people like top shop who are very cool as well.

It is a completely different price point trade when you talk about the size of this business, it is people like her barry and mulberry and places like savile row that are selling elegance and understated les blaney fashion.

-- less bling-y fashion.

It is understated elegance.

Leather is really creating the big dollars for many of these companies.

How interested are you by the sponsors at these events?

Vodafone is a key sponsor this year.

You've got ebay fashion.

Do they want to dine out in the cool factor?

I think it is the point you made earlier about twitter and facebook duties are now being streamed to an audience that can well beyond the direct audience of london fashion week.

At the same time it is a tremendous amount of interest among young girls who want to see what is happening, what is interesting, what looks are on the catwalks and in what way they can emulate them.

Many brands all the way from samsung want to be part of that audience.

They want to communicate to that audience and this is a dream opportunity.

I'm really looking forward to seeing all the results of it on monday morning.

Thank you very much.

Longchampthe chief executive of longchamp is going to be joining us.

Coming up at 11:30 london time.

The most highly anticipated public offering since facebook is here.

Will they be able to avoid some of the special network pitfalls?

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