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Oct. 4 (Bloomberg) -- Alex Atala, chef patron of D.O.M. Restaurant, discusses Brazilian cuisine, his restaurants and what’s behind his food creations. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “The Pulse.”

-- is a beautiful multicultural cuisine.

But you have a lot of new ingredients to know and to discover and reevaluate.

This is maybe the strongest point of our cuisine.

Flavors, brilliant flavors that you have never had before.

To think about brazil and you think about what it has to offer.

Agriculture is one of the country's strongest points.

You also have the amazon as well.

The buyer deserve -- the i/o diversity in your part of the world is mind-boggling.

Can you even's match the surface of what brazil even has?

We're just scratching the surface as you said.

In the amazon we have thousands of fruits, roots, vegetables, flowers and herbs.

It is a new boundary for cuisine . flavors that we can offer nowadays are so delightful.

Will we have been doing in my restaurant is using the local ingredients to improve local people's lives.

This is something maybe new in cuisine and the flavors are again new and astonishing.

To have to come to brazil to experience it?

You might have to.

Ask for your traveling around the world.

You're going to go to the united states to promote your new book.

When i look at this book, basically what you're telling me is that i have to come to you to experience some of it.

We are trying to reorganize and support the whole food chain in brazil to maybe one day be able to export all those flavors . unfortunately nowadays people might have to come to my restaurant to taste the beautiful ingredients.

But i do believe that in a short time these new agreed it's -- these new ingredients will be spread around.

When you talk to colleagues and peers, the guys that are running things, the chefs around the world.

What are they want to know?

The amazon is such a fantasy and mysterious place people are very curious about if maybe one of the most famous places in the world is the amazon.

Everybody has an image, but nobody knows the flavor.

So people are curious about it.

This choice of flavors really teases chefs.

About, this magical ambience that we have in the amazons.

If i tell you maybe the taste of ginger your mind goes to japan.

If i tell you basil and tomatoes you go to italy.

Local herbs, beautiful flavor.

Our herbs it is amazing.

So it is possible to express the amazon -- it is impossible to express the amazon with one or two ingredients.

This is what i have been pushing.

How do you find these new ingredients?

How do you find his new flavors?

Is it literally a question of putting a rucksack on your back and disappearing into the amazon?

My relation with the amazon ingredients became so big that we nowadays run and institute the site of the restaurant just to improve our relations with the local peoples, learn to live with them, always supported by anthropologists and trying to make a real fair trade with them.

Always learning, but always getting back to them something to, i used to call real benefits.

Alex, good luck with the book.

Thank you very much.

Alex atala joining us.

Next week we will be joined by two new chefs.

Great conversations coming up on

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