Top CEOs Answer: What's the Biggest Issue for 2014?

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Oct. 25 (Bloomberg) -- Gary Kelly, CEO at Southwest Airlines, Michael Jackson, CEO at AutoNation and Andrew Liveris, CEO at Dow Chemical offer their thoughts on the major points impacting business and the U.S. economy. They speak on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.”

A robust rate.

It is not expected to grow at a robust rate, so we are very much underachieving as a country, and that is what is going to generate job growth.

So, clearly, if we could get our government to work together from a policy perspective, reduce the tax burden, reduce the uncertainty, and create an environment where companies could take the risk so that they could grow and add jobs, that would be fantastic for everybody.

I think the u.s. economy is in a self-sustaining recovery, and you could not say that two or three years ago i read -- ago.

Energy is an unbelievable opportunity.

We need to embrace it in an environmentally sensitive way.

The auto industry has powerful drivers, which we already talked about, and housing is in a new place in that people have confidence in the value of their homes and housing construction has resumed.

Yes, if we take energy advantages and value add rather than export, the balance that takes means great cooperation with policymakers on a consistent basis and having an energy policy that makes sense.

That is something we still not -- we have not gotten in this country and it is something we need to work on.

That is a key job creator.

There is a long list of things, unfortunately, that we need to attend to.

Certainly, we need to work together to get things done.

Shutting the government down is not good for anybody, and at the same time, everybody's taxes are going up, so we are getting less service and a higher cost.

Immigration is dysfunctional, and it is hurting business as far as the talent that we need to drive our economy.

We graduate people from our top universities and immediately send them out of the united states.

I mean, it is just dysfunctional that we allow this to go on.

The consequences of aca to us is minimal, and the problem with affordable care is it might be affordable, but it has not improved quality.

We have not solved for the quality side of this conversation.

There are major challenges dealing with energy costs, and with the economy, and really, dealing with government inefficiency.

So, one of the main things we need to have happen is to modernize the air traffic control system, so, interestingly enough, obamacare falls way down the list, even though it is a significant challenge.

For employers, thank god they postponed it for a year.

If you think it was not ready for individuals, i assure you that the complexities that we had to meet for business are simply not ready.

It is dysfunctional.

Hopefully, with the additional year, they can get it in line.

You just heard three ceo's weighing in on the gridlock in washington, and it seems like everybody has opinions, including bill gross, who sent a message to carl icahn through twitter, saying it he is so smart, use it to help people, not yourself.

This is after they activist investor pushed apple for another share buyback.

Tom keene, you know bill gross very well.

Why would he attack carl icahn like this?

I did not speak to mr.

Gross about this, but the idea that he came out and spoke out is a big deal.

Everyone is talking the book.

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