Too Much to Drink: Is NoHo the Hangover Defense?

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Jan. 2 (Bloomberg) -- Jay Grdina, CEO of NoHo, discusses his company’s defense against hangovers on Bloomberg Television’s “Market Makers.”

New year's eve?

What if i told you there was a way to beat that hangover?

No-ha claims to be a will to beat the effective after feeling.

He is a former senior vice president at "playboy." you have an interesting background.

Let's talk about the product first no, let's talk about that.

Quite how did you go from porn to the business of hangover prevention?

I was tell people i am from the adult industry, always go to something you can apply your skills with a higher multiple.

The beverage industry, the multiple's are fantastic.

Noho fell onto my lap.

If it had followed into him my lap earlier when i was in college, i probably would have graduated.

What are we talking about here?

Let's be honest -- there is no cure for the hangover, you cannot get a hangover and then do something, whether it is eating greasy diner food or drinking water, tomato juice, it does not matter.

You cannot cure the hangover.

You claim to be able to prevent the hangover.


Technically a hangover is like a flu or a cold.

You cannot hear it, you can try to mitigate it like with flus and medicine.

With hangovers, we help her vent it.

Just like taking vitamin c, partnering yourself or the winter months, we prepare your body for the consumption of alcohol.

We fortify it with the nutrients and minerals to boost your system up so your body as it processes and metabolizes the alcohol, we actually boost your system, so as the nutrients you need, potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc, we fortify your body with that as well as everybody knows you get dehydrated, once we have sodium to help your body stay hydrated and retain water, and then we put -- it all sounds good, you can also avoid a hangover by not drinking -- number when way to avoid a hangover -- don't drink.

Twice i am curious about the research you have done that this really works.

One of the groups that we work with in germany did a 500% test, we had a 95% effectiveness, which is pretty amazing.

People felt nothing.

Either nothing or lesson.

It depends on how much you drink.

If you drink one prior to consumption and one at the end of the nightly you had 10 or 15 drinks, you will feel at little ill effect, if you slept two hours, you are so going to wake up feeling tired.

The fda does not endorse your claims.

The fda does not endorse anything when it comes down to a disease, someone would have to literally go through a full study and then you would be on the front side of the hangover meeting you are trying to cure a hangover, which likely said earlier is basically impossible.

We are a dietary supplements so we follow very shortly be rules and regulations that are set forth as a dietary supplement, and then our noho gold is a beverage that we launch in january.

It is important to be a will to draw the stations between a dietary supplement like vitamin c might buy to help you build muscle at the gym versus a drug because when we talk about a drug, we talk about drugs and medical terms, when we talk about dietary supplements, we have to be careful.


You have to watch what your plans are and what you are claiming to do.

That is what we look at the category right now.

All the other products are saying we can cure hangover, we can do with snake oil, those are very bold claims to try to make.

It is like people came out without all earners -- another dangerous claims.

You can make claims, but the success is whether or not it is failing.

Talk about revenues or profits.

Revenues have been very strong.

Your over year growth, this year was a very strong year for us as well.

We launch our gold can, in all the nightclubs in america, we also went public in america, so we took on a lot this year, we set the tone and the pace for 2014, so we're looking at massive sales.

What is massive?

I did our projection last time i was on bloomberg life that we would have 100 million plus in sales in three years.

What about 2013? we have not to our numbers jeff.

-- yet.

What about year to date?

1.5, next year, 25 to 30. you expect to sell $25 million worth of stuff?

I already have reorders.

-- pre-orders.

We look from a global standpoint, we look at our domestic growth, which is really strong.

Our new product has taken off, our noho gold.

What is your international growth because you talked to us about this before and it is important?

We just signed so i can ask or talk about it, we just signed a deal for all of asia, hong kong, taiwan, as well as china, which is a very large growing section as well as a deal for all of water -- all of russia, most of the baltic countries, and northern europe.

Very strong for all products.

At the end of the day, doesn't matter whether it does or does not work?

Again, we're talking about something you take before hand, so there is no way of proving that it does work because i might be able to go out and drink have a bottle of vodka, wake up the next morning feeling fine without having taken a dietary supplement.

That is not necessarily mean i would not feel different if i took noho, as long as you can persuade people that there is a potential for hangover percent -- hangover prevention, that is all you need.

There is always a present -- a placebo effect, and that is a good question.

We are the number one selling shot at circle k, the number one selling shot at total one and more.

Our repeat sales show that we are successful.

Is that more than your if initial sales?


It says a lot about the efficacy of our product.

A lot of people will look at our packaging, fate is really cute in a taken and there is no effect whatever.

That is one sale.

I am in it for the long haul.

I do not want to put something into a bottle or a can that is not effective.

You are in it for the long haul, all of your customers

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