Tom Keene Celebrates National Bow Tie Day

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Aug. 28 (Bloomberg) – The TieBar Chief Executive Officer Michael Alter celebrates National Bow Tie Day with perpetual bow tie wearer, Tom Keene. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)

August 28. for me, for carl -- for the late winston.

It is national bowtie day.

Out in, out in.

The bowties are so very in.

The slaes have doubled -- the sales have doubled.

He is the chief operating officer of a tie bar.

Wonderful to have you.

You look great.

Why is it?

What change was it?

Did angelina jolie wear wonone somewhere?

Where was the shift?

There were a couple of shifts.

There was a shift back to more formal clothing.

Bowtie there a way to differentiate yourself a little bit.

You can have personality in a way that you did not before.

There've also been some new entrants out there were price points are different.

You can buy a quality tie, the same as you would find a high-end apartment store, for $25. when you think about putting together a wardrobe, if you have to pay $100 for a tie, you cannot have that many ties.

Can you wear a bowtie every fourth day?

You have to be committed?

I don't think you have to be committed.

I think you have to mix it up and find whatever your style is.

I know people who wear them every day and people who never went on.

You don't have to be a bowtie guy?

You can change.


what is this, dr.


I am not buying that.

You just pointed out that i am not wearing a tie.

I hate to question your entire business model, but why do i have to wear a tie?

There's a whole bunch of other reasons.

Not many people are as confident on national tv without a tie.

A lot of people feel it is important to have one.

It gives them confidence.

What you are seeing is the more formal movement.

One of the big drivers is the recession.

A lot of people are looking for work.

You dress of the nicer and look more formal.

It is not just brendan greeley, many people do not wear ties.

President obama getting off marine one without a tie.

Prince william when he does his tourney functions, no tie.

Silicon valley has changed the way that men dress.

All of those people you named, you see in a time more often than you don't. i'll not argue that you have to wear a tie for every occasion.

The world certainly is changed.

It went down to nobody wearing a tie.

Now it has come back and ties are becoming more popular.

It will be where it was.

I understand that.

Justin timberlake and jay-z really got into wearing suits and ties.

We worked so long!

Is away a way for a man to make a fashion statement too.

So do you.

Is there a red tie in there?

There is.

Is this an act here?

What is the biggest mistake that people make when they buy a bowtie for the first time?

I see the video from linkedin.

What is the biggest mistake that people make?

I think sometimes people are more aggressive in terms of whether they pick a tie or bowtie first.

People go right through the regular bowtie and they may want to have two in the wardrobe.

You may want to have three ties.

I think they're are too long and they end up out too far.

They should do them shorter, and bring them in.

Am i right?

Sometimes they are not even behind them too much.

The one behind is longer than the one in front.

Totally right -- great job.

I really feel confident.

Look at me.

As the evening goes on --

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