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Sept. 25 (Bloomberg) -- David Jones, CEO at Havas, discusses why he told Twitter they should not go public, advertising on social media, whether bigger is better in the advertising industry and how to target millennials. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Market Makers.”

Erik schatzker and stephanie ruhle.

Good morning.

I am erik.

Is bigger really better?

That is what advertisers have been asking.

Welcome back.

Can i ask what is facebook client counsel?

A group of evil that put together an advisory board to talk about how they develop the platform, make it relevant to clients and advertisers and make it relevant to users.

And you believe the banners on the right hand side get the job done?

I think the big ask her about facebook is still in the infancy in terms of the potential for it.

I think if you look at what we have said in our industry tom a most powerful is word of mouth.

Real-time word of mouth -- mouth platform is the opportunity that if you connect that with people, there is huge potential.

The last time you are here we talked about facebook and twitter, and you told me at that point in time twitter had more momentum.

Does that still apply?

The last time we said facebook was not doing well and facebook.

-- twitter.

I said facebook would be very successful.

Look at where we are today.

Share price back at record level.

I think the ipo will move it to a whole different level.

Should they be doing an ipo?

They were not able to acquire instagram because they did not have the same financial leverage.

I think they are doing it to expand the growth after.

Users are looking at you in a different light.

Twitter made an escape -- mistakes over the summer and no one paid attention to it.

It would've been facebook, there would've been a huge outcry.

You are obliging the company to prove that.

Do you think twitter users care if it is a public company?

I do not know that people will care.

What has happened is once the whole media has played out, do they have a revenue model?

Then you see more advertising coming into the newsfeed.

He pulls a hold on, that is what this is all about.

It will put twitter in much more screen see in terms of the moves they make as they try to monetize.

You are on the record as having told twitter they should not go public?

I am not on the record.

I said i would not go public.


Yes you get more scrutiny in media.

Some press is better than no press.

Clearly it will give them access to much greater funding.

Also put them under much more scrutiny.

I think one of the challenges for all of the platforms today is people do not hate advertising, they just hate that advertising.

If what you are doing is compelling, people have no issue with that.

What constitutes that advertising?


We are at the point now where you had to fundamentally rethink their roles of the advertising industry.

I wrote a peek -- piece about why we need to kill the consumer.

The point being it is about the most patronizing term you can come up with to describe someone.

You need to move from the and -- marketing to the consumer industry to the marketing to people.

What it basically means is the patronizing communications we perfected in the last century no longer work, because in today's world you cannot buy attention, you have to earn it.

In the old world if you had a competitive message, they still had to listen to it.

Today someone picks up their cell phone and a something else and 10 seconds.

The rules of the game have changed for the entire industry.

Can we go back for a second a gecko the question does arrive.

Is bigger better?

I guess a size -- a guy like you must get asked all the time, is bigger better?

I am going to step out of this.

Look at the most exciting things happening in the world today.

Instagram, twitter, facebook.

Facebook will run a billion users with 5000 employees.

Digital has fundamentally changed what scale is all about.

You have companies coming from nowhere.

I think you need to be global.

What are these guys doing?

You should talk to them.

The point is, you do not feel any pressure to merge with someone else by virtue of the fact that your two largest competitors are combined?

Know, from my perspective, my daily focus is trying to make us more agile, more entrepreneurial digital company.

The comes a point where you are too big to change.

We are the global company.

Are you edgy and cool?

Yes, i think so.

We are doing great work around the world.

Will -- what's ultimately is going to determine whether a combination is successful?

Forget about the stock rice, etc.. when you look at your business, your industry, what decides that for you?

Are you able to do a better job for your client?

I do not have a single client that says we need you to be bigger, more bureaucratic, more complex.

They are all asking how to make it work together to make my life simpler.

If you do a great job for your clients, you will do well and attract and grow.

How the need to present to them?

The unique the mark zuckerberg hoodie?

Do you need to have a super rustic office?

Next week we have a charity we created where we bring together 1300 people.

They will not work for companies who do not have a purpose beyond profit and will not buy from companies with a purpose beyond profit.

At the end of the day, that is what we're looking for.

The toms shoes model?

Great model.

There is some really good stuff going on.

How is a consumer is a patronizing word and millennial is not?

That is a description about what your role is there to do.

Consumer implies you are this -- just there to consume the product.

We did this big global study, 130 thousand people called meaningful brand.

72% of brands could disappear in the world and people would not care.

They really care if they are called a consumer?

I do not think they care.

It is a mindset.

It says the entire industry looks at you if you -- as if you are just there to consume.

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