To Markets, Shutdown Just Doesn’t Matter: Knippa

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Oct. 1 (Bloomberg) -- Tres Knippa, owner at Kenai Capital Management, explains why the government shutdown doesn’t matter to markets and how it all but takes Fed tapering off the table. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.”

All that adversely.

There have been 18 shutdowns since 1976 and the net snp was a positive .7%. the point is, this does not matter.

As far as talks go, isn't it reasonable to suggest this pushes off the possibility of tapering by ben bernanke?

I believe that possibility is zero and does not matter anyway, but i believe this has made vince and investors saying we can forget about ben bernanke for a while because he will not be a factor.

He will continue with acuity and the markets will go up because of it.

-- qe and the markets will go up because of it.

In the short term, what are you guys trading on?

There will be no jobs report, so what are you keying off of?

Any number of stories right now.

If you take a chart of the nasdaq versus the s&p, the nasdaq is screaming away from the s&p. that is a solid sign.

As long as you have leadership from where you should be getting leadership, from the nasdaq, it will be very hard to trip up this market at all.

Short-term news, long-term news, fed, or otherwise.

Thanks, trey.

I want to bring in jim biondo, president of the younger research.

-- bianco, president of bianco research.

You say it is a week, the market will shrug it off, but anything

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