Time Warner Pushes for NBA TV Renewal Deal

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July 15 (Bloomberg) -- Time Warner is hustling to keep the NBA in its lineup to help fulfill a pledge to lift cable-network sales. Bloomberg’s Paul Sweeney speaks on “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)


Sports programming is proving to be probably the most valuable programming and television.

Because it is programming that most consumers watch live.

They watch the commercials.

It is more valuable.

In a fragmented world where people are spending more time with different media and online devices, one of the ways to get people to sit in front of the screen and watch something live is sports.

Who wants it the most?

Time warner.

The turner cable networks needed for a couple reasons.

One is it's their marquee sporting event.

And it is very important for time warner as they tried to negotiate for higher fees for their cable networks, from the cable companies.

One of the reasons they are able to charge in a low double digits in affiliate right fees is because they deliver nba.

Doesn't espn have the money?

They do.

Both companies do.

If you are the nba, you are in great -- a great position.

Dublin rights fees, we have seen an increase.

We see it across many, many sports.

Nfl had a 60% increase in their fees.

Even some smaller lakes such as the nhl have strong bargaining power -- even smaller leagues such as nhl have strong bargaining power.

There are some other players such as fox sports one.

A tremendously deep pockets.

They can bid as well.

Does this have a spillover effect?

I mentioned the nhl.

There's also talk of soccer.

Now that we have had the world cup.

Some u.s. soccer leagues, they are thinking about their sports rights.

Now that all the temas of t-- the teams of soccer can get together and negotiate as a league.

When will this inflation end or slow down?

No sign of it slowing down.

It will not slow down.

We will not get a break until consumers push back and say, i do not want to pay anymore and my cable bill.

I know that one of the big reasons my cable bill goes up every month is because sports right continue to increase.

Until consumers push back --- i am not sure consumers know that.

Consumers complain to their cable server like comcast and say, stop raising my rates, but what comcast is doing is they are passing along as much as they can the rate increases they are charged by disney and time warner.

Great to see you.

Paul sweeney of bloomberg industries, the director of north american research.

Coming up, how that turnaround is going for yahoo!'s ceo?

We get a better sense when the

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