Time to Tip the Scales in Our Favor

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Aug. 2 (Bloomberg) -- On today's "Insight & Action," Adam Johnson looks at earnings and company guidance on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

Time to tip the scales in our favor.

Let's look at what is going on this week.

We're in a delicate balance.

On the one hand, you have been bernanke saying i will keep pumping the system with money.

That is what we learned wednesday.

Today we learned why he is doing that.

This was a lousy jobs report.

The amount of time people working going down.

The amount they are making also going down.

We're not creating enough jobs to make for those lost.

A very delicate balance, to put it nicely.

Here is the one thing we need to focus on that until the skills in our favor.

Positive company guidance.

It is simple.

We went into the s&p 500. of the 343 companies that have reported, how many have reaffirmed guidance or upped it 5%? 16 only are reiterating or increasing guidance by 5%. here they are.

Too many for me to name.

Do not worry.

I will post them on twitter.

All 16 names reiterating affect their growing by at least 5%. that is amazing.

Only 16 out of 343. we care as investors because they are outperforming.

The sweet 16 a year to date versus the s&p 500. doh with the growth.

There are only 16 companies out there.

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