Tiger Mom’s Secrets for Making Your Child a Leader

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May 6 (Bloomberg) -- Yale Law Professor Amy Chua and author of “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mom,” discusses her approach to parenting and preparing her children for success on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”


People wonder how asian parents creates a mini math whizzes, joining us now is amy chua, who created a parenting manifesto.

Was it a manifesto or tongue-in-cheek?

It is a memoir.

It is supposed to be funny.

A lot of people who read it think it is, but it does embrace away a parenting, for sure.

I am a proud, strict mom.

The idea was that you do not want to raise entitled children who got rewards for just participating.

A lot of us are worried about being an immigrant.

Your children watch you, you are hungry.

The parents of immigrants are insecure.

When my father wore the same pair of shoes for 10 years, it made sense that i had to work.

The next-generation unlike -- why, why should i do well?

The two of you were incredibly eloquent last night at the bloomberg panel that we had on these kinds of challenges.

It was fabulous.

What is the worst practices of egypt -- evil asian mothers people -- keeping children from advancing in society?

What is the worst practice?

Are you joking?

No, this is how americans feel.

I think it is common sense and traditional american values.

Hard work, not giving up, not letting your kids give up too early.

I do think that there is something else.

I think you need to be driven, right?

Lots of children of wealthy parents are not because they are too secure, too comfortable.

We were talking about this earlier, the idea of anti-intellectualism, something before -- we fight every day here, of having a smart conversation, and maybe that's smart conversation starts at home?

I think a lot of it comes back to that immigrant mentality.

What do you do buy third-generation?

There is no more.

Why is it that we give everyone an award?

A blue ribbon to the first place and everyone else gets a ribbon?

I don't know.

America was never like that?

What changed?

Part of it was the success of america.

In the middle of the depression, no one worried about self-esteem.

Ironically, how can i cultivate self-esteem?

The problem is they severed it from accomplishment.

There are all these studies showing that it just doesn't work.

You can't tell somebody.

Nouriel roubini.

That's why you like or.

Let's get it data check.

Trade balance coming up at 8:30, but ahead of that futures are not doing a whole lot.

The thing that everyone is looking at here is the 10 year yield.

The rally kind of halted yesterday and we are still

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