Three Stock Picks From Daruma Founder Mariko Gordon

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May 5 (Bloomberg) -- Mariko Gordon, founder and CEO of Daruma Capital Management, discusses three of her stock picks with Stephanie Ruhle on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

Where she gave her investment ideas.

On your firm's website, you say they are between 25 and 35 stocks that you say have potential.

What are they?

Something in the commercial printing space, a specialty company, and a pharmaceutical company which makes a pain reliever.

These companies, 45%, hp, 21%, 152% on your last stock.

Is there still room to go?

We think so.

The target in 2016 -- the interesting thing about it is they made an acquisition of a spanish tile company, and that maker did not sell.

Those machines take up about $225,000 per year.

This is between now and 2016. are you not concerned that they would do that?

They are a leading innovator right now in that space.

This is a huge commercial market that is converting analog to digital.

It is compelling, and they are very, very focused.

Trying to serve many masters.

They are very focused on the market.

What i like about it, the number one thing is we are at an inflection.

There are increased dividends.

There is a transformation that is taking place that people really do not get credit for.

This can go from 10% in 2010 to 15%. we actually think the margins should be higher.

It has never leveraged scale the way it should.

This other one is interesting, up a lot.

150. i know.

I have to tell you.

It is viral, and the case for this drug is so compelling because what they do is they provide up to 72 hours of surgical pain relief, which means opioid use is down, side effects are down, total cost of surgery goes down, and the ceo gets telephone calls from doctors who are completely blown away all of the time.

It was unheard of that an orthopedic patient gets up and starts walking the day of surgery, and that is what they can be doing.

What is your target on that stock?


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